• Some voicemails have no sound at all

    Our Netvanta 7060 and Adtran IP712 phones have been having this problem over the last few weeks. Outside callers call our internal phone numbers/extensions and normally when they hear the voicemail prompts to leave a ...
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  • Our Netvanta 7060 autoattendants do not trigger

    Our autoattendants do not trigger when outside callers call in to our main/PRI phone line.   For example, an autoattendant is supposed to play a recorded audio file, welcoming the callers and directing their cal...
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  • Is it possible to program multiple phones to register on the public IP of our NV7100 to allow users to work at home?

    Our phone system has a public IP off our Verzion Fios.  The firewall is configured to allow the public IPs of the home users.  We have some VVX500's with the SIP server and SIP Transport server configured at...
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  • e164 and extensions

    Hello,   I am using a NV6410 with OS version R13.4.0.E with Skype For Business 2015.  I can use match dnis with substitute for regular numbers IE   match dnis "555-555-1300" substitute "555-555-0100" ...
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  • Does anybody have the netvanta 7100 audio converter?

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  • Netvanta 7100 End of Life Question

    Hi, Our two vendors informed us that Adtran will no longer be selling Adtran Ip 712 phones; some time back I heard they were no longer manufacturing Netvanta 7100 boxes and I just realized that there has been no new f...
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  • How do I force NAT to use port 5060 as the outbound source port for SIP traffic on an Adtran 3120? The trunk endpoint is a 7100 downstream from the 3120 and the SIP carrier

    [SIP carrier] <-> [Internet] <-> [Adtran 3120] <-> [Adtran 7100] The SIP carrier requires that the packets come from us with port 5060 (UDP) as the source. Right now NAT is assigning various source ...
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  • Firmware Update on NV160

    I have a Netvanta 7100 with 2 NV160 AP.  Would like to update the firmware on the AP's but the AP Firmware Upload section on the 7100 says I need an '.bidp' file -- only firmware I can find is an '.img' file....
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  • I am having a problem uploading some audio recordings for my auto attendant.

    I am having problems uploading my auto attendant recordings. I keep going in circles on this website. I have a Netvanta 7100 series. Currently my recordings are in wave format. I cannot even find the software that wi...
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  • Flash Player & Management Interface

    I have noticed that Adobe Flash Player is going to "go away" in December 2020.  Our NV7100 Management Interface has to have Flash Player to run.  Will there be software updates?  How will we be able to ...
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  • How to set up an admin user on a 7100 to make user changes only

    What is the best way to set up an admin user on a 7100 whose only function is to make changes to the user accounts and update the directory?
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  • Is it hard to setup netvanta 7100 to SIP its currently set on PRI?

    Currently we are setup on NETVANTA 7100 with PRI handoff, Is it difficult to change setting to SIP? We are getting fiber and they provisioned to SIP by mistake and I don't want to cancel and order circuit again.
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  • Adobe is discontinuing Flash.  Is there a plan to remove it from the NV?

    https://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2017/07/adobe-flash-update.html   It would be nice to have these things using something that isn't dead when I'm getting calls from customers still using NV7100 systems in ...
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  • User number substitution not working

    Hi, we having a issue with user number substitution. We using a extension like 2911 for service call. Those call in night mode are redirect to a external partner whos answer the emergency call. The problem is even if...
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  • new SIP trunk configuration via Virtual User to AutoAttendants

    I have a 7100 that has been configured for several years using analog lines and a scheduled system mode change to send calls to specific Auto Attendants based on the time of day.  I am attempting to establish a n...
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  • Does the Trunk Groups section order is important

    Hi, we are moving from analog to PRI. Incoming call goes by the PRI but the outgoing call still going to analog trunk. My question is that my problem could be the order of the Trunk Groups. Does it go up to down and ...
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  • System with SIP trunk to PSTN via Metaswitch fails to play/record AA prompts when making the target an off prem telephone number. What should be checked to determine the cause?

    What should be checked to determine the cause?
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  • Adtran 706/712 Speed Dial Buttons

    I have a client that has 40 706 phones and 25 712 phones.  They would like the same speed dial buttons on each series of phones.  Is there a faster way to create the speed dial buttons instead of going to ea...
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  • Setting up a user schedule

    I am looking to set up an automatic call forward for an extension on an Adtran 7100, R11.10.7.HA.E. They would like extension 601 to ring extension 601 from 6:00am to 4:00pm, M-F. They would like all calls to this ...
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  • Cannot place calls to external numbers

    Hi all, One of our locations is having issues placing outgoing calls to external numbers.  The issue happens several times on and off throughout the day, every day.  It lasts for about 20 minutes average bef...
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