• Retail cost of a Total Access 1424S-CE SHDSL

    I apologize for the location of this post. I looked all around and I can't find a good section to ask this. I searched the Internet and can find no info on the cost of this as a new item. I am having a billing invent...
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  • Existence of a Line Powered DC/AC Adapter - Adsl2+ DELT/SELT Testing

    Hello.   I wanted to ask the community if anyone knew of either: an adapter that could convert the power from the pairs of an Adtran LPU into something usable for a small AC powered device, or a line powered AD...
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  • Proper Overhead Allowance for ADSL2+ 6M/1M Profile

    Does Adtran have a recommended overhead of ADSL2+? For example currently we have a customer set to 8160/1280 for a 6M/1M package.  The up speed is just a bit over 1M but the down is over 7M.  Seeing the same...
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