• how do i rest to factory settings

    in the middle of setting up power went out and i cant get back in to the adtran at all
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  • TA924 (1st Gen) losing web interface?

    I have deployed a refurb Total Access 924 (1st Generation) for breaking out analog phone lines for our IP-PBX. I monitor its SMTP stats with PRTG. And see that this unit seems to lose it's web interface every so often...
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  • Has anyone been able to trunk together 2 TA908e devices?

    We have two TA908e with amphenol cable connnections and we would like to have one where the PRI comes in and it'll hand off over a trunk to the other adtran if the main one does not have the extension.   example...
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  • Total Access 908e can not connect via SSH

    i have a device that i can not connect via SSH i reviewed the config a few times and it looks ok   i am posting the config here maybe someone might catch whats wrong   .         ! !...
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  • Comcast PRI & legacy analog devices

    Good day!  I am hoping that I can find some guidance on some elementary concerns and questions, for a current project. A customer of ours has a Comcast PRI via a Arris CM820 (basic cable modem) which hands off t...
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  • Adtran Total Access 908e url filter not working

    Hi all,   I'm hoping you can help me set up a http block ALL rule that will ONLY allow access to a specific domain to clients connected on a specific VLAN interface.   Here is my brief config:    ...
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  • Debug logs

    What happens if you run a debug session to try to trap a particular indecent.  We are having an occasional issue with DTMF tones from a PRI going to SIP trunks from a user using a brand new iPhone.  Will the...
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  • Bridge (bvi) media-gateway not available in CLI

    We have a Total Access 908(e) 2nd Gen w/ firmware R12.3.4.E.  This device is Internet Facing with the two ethernet ports bridged to allow data traffic to traverse to the data network using a different public IP a...
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  • incoming call problems with 2 PSTN sip trunks

    I have a scenario where I am attempting redundant FXS registrations to two separate trunks (T01 and T02). The registrations are working with success.   I would like to allow access for ingress calls from both o...
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  • voice grouped-trunk config questions - fail-over/backup

    I have a question about the "voice grouped-trunk" configs that I can't seem to find on any AOS documentation. See code below - but basically I have 2 trunks configured in a group, which should work as primary/primary...
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  • Replace Inbound caller ID

    Hi   i have a client that the PBX is only excepting 11 Digits caller ID  for Example 1-718-555-1212 but if i will send 718-555-1212 it will not except the callerID, the problem is the carrier is sending the...
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  • 924e high CPU Utilization (RvSipProc0)

    We have a problem with our 924e 2nd gen unit giving high CPU utilization.   It seems RvSipProc0 is the problem.  Also PacketRouting is kind of high.  Here is my process list.  Any ideas?  &...
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  • Trying to identify sysObjectId

    Hi all,   Hope I'm posting this in the correct spot.   I cannot determine what model Adtran this is:   I believe it is a TA 900 series model, but I'm looking for the exact mo...
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  • Change Outbound Caller-ID for International Calls

    I have a 908e with SIP trunks - I need to force a specific caller-ID when an international number is called.   I looked at some other posts, and tried the following:     conf t   voice trunk t01...
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  • total access no boot after loading default config

    I have a 924 I loaded a default config and no it will not compete its boot. I connected a console cable to watch the boot and it reaches 27% and quits. HELP
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  • 1:1 NAT Help.

    I am trying to configure a 1:1 NAT allowing only a group of IP's to access the server via https. I used the Example 9 - Static 1:1 NAT from IPv4 Firewall Protection in AOS and its just not making it to the Server. Whe...
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  • Internal 3-Digit Extension Dialing?

    I have an Adtran TA924 (1st Gen) working fine behind an Asterisk FreePBX setup. This is to provide a handul of FXS ports. I am able to dial into the endpoints just fine, either from the outside or from internal SIP ex...
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  • 908e Eth 0/1 Bouncing

    Hi guys, I have a 908e TA and Eth 0/1 is bouncing.  We cannot ping the interface on and off though the TA remains up and continues to process calls incoming on Eth 0/2.  Problem is that we have several sites...
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    I work for Thing 5/Cloud 5, and all of our VoIP systems use Adtran Total Access 924 of various flavors.   We frequently see this error message on units ranging from 1st Gen 924 running firmware A4.11.0.E to 3rd ...
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  • Unable to Download Configuration File in HTTP Menus

    Hi everyone.        I can access the adtran in question & I am able to telnet & it is working fine with a SIP trunk. I can get to the HTTP Menus & perform everything I need to do ...
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