• Configuration question - trunk cost & Backup path

    so I have several CPE's with the configuration below. What I need to know is, will this "failover" as the previous engineer expected it to with this cost setup? should T03 and T02's costs be reversed? NOTE - this is ...
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  • Confirmation on difference between TA908e 4243908F2 & 4243908L5

    We have previously implemented  TA900 series for PSTN failover in Hosted PBX before using the 2nd Gen TA924e w/ 8FXO. We have a smaller implementation coming up where only a single FXO is needed and I wanted to u...
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  • incoming call problems with 2 PSTN sip trunks

    I have a scenario where I am attempting redundant FXS registrations to two separate trunks (T01 and T02). The registrations are working with success.   I would like to allow access for ingress calls from both o...
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  • voice grouped-trunk config questions - fail-over/backup

    I have a question about the "voice grouped-trunk" configs that I can't seem to find on any AOS documentation. See code below - but basically I have 2 trunks configured in a group, which should work as primary/primary...
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  • Adtran 908e with rsyslog Server?

    Does anyone use an Adtran 908e with rsyslog to save logs on Windows? I want to have my Adtran send debugging information to a log server and cannot figure out how to do it.
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  • 924E (Gen 2), over backup network

    Can the 924E (Gen 2), be configured to work over a router that is configured to use a primary and backup WAN? The router will do the switching and the 924 will be just for the phone system.
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  • FXS.DuSLIC ALM Error Interrupt (13)

    what is those errors mean , they show up when pbx goes off hook trying using those lines and fail .on AT5000   FXS.DuSLIC ALM Error Interrupt (13)
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  • TA 904 PRI to SIP route by ANI (from pri)

    I have a TA904 (and several TA908's) and have setup multiple SIP trunks and a local pbx connected to a PRI  (trunk T10 on the TA I would like to route outbound calls from the PRI out specific SIP trunks based on...
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  • Questions about FXO Fail over

    I have a potential customer through one of our partners, however they are needing a solution that I am having an issue with.   They will have lines registered on the FXS ports (we'll say lines 1-4).  They w...
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  • 908e wan failover and sip trunk

    We have a new 908e gen 3 we are testing for a potential new subscriber.  The customer is wanting redundant ISP in case the primary link goes down.  I think I have that part figured out.  This will be se...
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  • Disable multilink ppp when T1 down

    How can I disable routing over a multilink ppp interface when one of the t1 links is down?   This would be a simple matter with a track on the route, but "test if interface" does not support t1.   The appl...
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  • ISDN PRI w/ FXO Failover

    Can the TA900 Series w/ FXO be used as failover for the ISDN PRI interface? We currently use a similar configuration w/ SIP Proxy but was wondering if the same applies for a traditional ISDN PRI interface. IE: We deli...
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  • SBC with two PBX

    I have two local PBX from different vendors. They each have a different number of configured extensions, but will be using the same SIP provider. Can you use the SIP trunk failover to try each PBX for a registered use...
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  • Dual Internet with simultaneous traffic

    I have a 908e that will be connected to two different Internet providers via two Ethernet interfaces.  For redundancy purposes, I'd like to be able to receive SIP calls over both interfaces simultaneously from th...
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  • DC UPS Options

    I know that the 908e can use an external battery through the BBU port.  But it seems like that's a very basic charge/discharge line with no ability to monitor it.  In other applications I have powered equipm...
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  • I'm running VRRP with 2 Gen 3 908e's.

    So far I'm just tracking LAN and WAN side faults and it's working fine for hardware failure however I want to add redundant paths out that are layer 2 only back to my layer 3 device. There are a few switch hops involv...
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  • FEATURE REQUEST - Probe with source-interface

    I see a feature request section for the NV7000 series but not elsewhere. This feature would actually be useful for all platforms using AOS.   Scenario: When building a redundant WAN setup, one uses a probe to...
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  • Firmware upgrades for Total Access 900 series equipment

    I am currently trying to figure out issues we have with some of our ADTRAN 900 series devices at an apartment complex that we administer, and I noticed a lot of these devices have really old software. Im wondering if ...
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  • decrypting a password in adtran or disable password encryptd

    plz help us step by step how to decrypting a password in adtran or disable password encryptd
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