• How to have FXS voice users (fax) use different SIP Server than the ISDN PRI port, or should we do NAT instead?

    Hello,   We currently have a TA908e that has an active ISDN PRI running, but we need to add fax lines currently on another ATA to it. We need to either: 1. Add voice users for the FXS ports, but they have to us...
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  • SIP ALG on TA900 Series

    Guys,   We have been running into some strange issues with our IP Phones that we deploy for our customers behind Adtran Series TA900 routers. We use the Metaswitch platform and so far it seems that the issues we...
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  • Adtran Total Access 908e url filter not working

    Hi all,   I'm hoping you can help me set up a http block ALL rule that will ONLY allow access to a specific domain to clients connected on a specific VLAN interface.   Here is my brief config:    ...
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  • 924e VPN/NAT issues

    Greetings,   When I am using my company's VPN connection, I do not hear audio for calls.  I am assuming it's a NAT issue on the Adtran?   My normal IP:  72.224.x.x , which connects into the Adtra...
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  • Inbound calls not making it to softswitch

    I am hoping this will be my final question on this specific journey. I have a TA900 that is currently serving an older PBX with PRI. I have also been working on installing a soft switch behind the TA900. I am able to ...
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  • 1:1 NAT Help.

    I am trying to configure a 1:1 NAT allowing only a group of IP's to access the server via https. I used the Example 9 - Static 1:1 NAT from IPv4 Firewall Protection in AOS and its just not making it to the Server. Whe...
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  • Configuring TA924as a Basic Router

    Hello, I a have a TA924 providing PRI and analog services and I wanted to add the ability to also use the TA as a Router/Firewall. I have been trying to get it working but so far no luck. Currently I have eth0/1 conne...
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  • scanning and attempted sip hacking

    I know this has been posted before, but I think this is a rather unique situation.  one of my providers is a provider of providers if you will, in that they route through many carriers.  So when I try to cre...
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  • firewall filter source ip address

    HI   I have a 908e sitting on the public WAN  with no firewall   can i set up to only accept traffic from 1 IP address (my DID provider) and drop all other connections and if yes where do i do that ...
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  • Considering 908e as SBC, can it handle 100 concurrent voip calls?

    We use a dialer to make customer calls.  It can dial up to 100 calls concurrently via SIP.  We have a new 908e that we were considering using as an SBC to secure a number of SIP trunks and and a couple PRI. ...
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  • Adtran TA 924e No Audio Between Local SIP Phones and FXS Analog Devices

    We are experiencing an issue configuring an Adtran TA 924e to work as intended on a customer premise. Our intention is to have the Adtran serve as a firewall for onsite Polycom SIP phones that register to our Acme/Ora...
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  • Adtran 904 config issues

    I have an off net customer for which I had to build a firewall in the 904, we keep all our devices on private internal statics so I don't do the firewalls. I did a down load of the test box I built before the customer...
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  • Need assistance routing Public IP  natively w/o NAT

    I need to route Public IP directly to an inside server without using NAT. I am looking for a way to route 1 or 2 public IP address from a /29 block to an inside device.  We want to code the public IP directly o...
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  • TA900 Firewall

    I am trying to configure the firewall to only communicate with my SIP Server but cannot get it to work properly it seems. . The TA9xx has a public IP and is only used to provide a PRI to a PBX. When I debug sip stack ...
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  • Adtran 908e sending 400 bad request for Invite

    Hi,   When I make any outbound call from our IP-PBX to Adtran, Adtran is sending 400 bad request as response. There is no reason in the wireshark trace as to why Adtran is sending 400 bad request. The interestin...
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  • 908e behind a Microtik

    I am stumped. I am trying to set up a 908e for a SIP connection. We are currently using a Microtik router as our gateway to the internet. Our service provider has given us a set of public IP addresses that we can use...
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  • Adtran 908e Behind NetVanta 4430 Firewall

    Customer has a gig internet connection and wants the 4430 as the firewall for everything. Adtran 908e (esbc enabled) sits behind it with a private IP. 908 is SIP to PRI for a PBX. I have the 4430 sending all traffic f...
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  • Trying to get public ip with in a NAT'd interface to work outbound with its own ip address.

    I currently have the following interface setting:   interface eth 0/2   ip address   ip address  secondary &...
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  • How do I permit ICMP redirects (type 5)?

    Is there anyway to permit ICMP redirect (type 5) when using firewall policies on the TA 908e series?  I tried explicitly permitting it but it seems there is a built-in policy that must be denying it.
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  • RDP Lose Connection Total Access 900e

    2 - ADTRAN 908E Point to Point T1 Sprint   I am using my RDP connection and connection to an external IP address. When I am connected for about 10 seconds, the RDP looses connection and try's to reconnect. Thi...
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