• TA9XX MGCP replying to AUEP & RQNT from a switch that's not configured in the TA

    Presently using a Metaswitch 3510, converting to a RedCom HDX.  Problem is that my TA9XX units are replying to the HDX messages and registering to the new switch even though nothing about the HDX or subnet is not...
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  • FXS port enables then disables  .. 2012.08.08 12:01:51 FXS.0/13 Fault Condition Cleared: Port available

    This is the second device this week we are seeing this issue with. Concerns are that this port is now dead, not useable. the following error just keeps scrolling when logged into the TA-924.   2012.08.08 12:01:...
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  • Need advice on an Adtran TA 900 Series IAD with a C15 (Nortel CS1500) Softswitch

    I was wondering if anyone here has configured a TA 900 (908e) series IAD to work with a C15 to deliver (1) PRI and Analog Lines (FXS)? If so, would you recommend deliver the services via SIP or MGCP? Please explain wh...
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  • TA 900/900e as a MGCP VOIP/IAD as opposed to Voice User SIP Lines.  What are the disadvantages?

    Does anyone know what the advantages or disadvantages are to delivering analog lines through FXS ports on a TA 900/900e as a MGCP VOIP/IAD.  Is this as secure as Voice User and SIP?  
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  • decrypting a password in adtran or disable password encryptd

    plz help us step by step how to decrypting a password in adtran or disable password encryptd
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