• Adtran TA908e 3rd Gen T.38 on PRI

    I see that the newer Adtran TA908e 3rd Gen supports up to 30 T.38 sessions. Can T.38 be enabled on the PRI interface or is it just available for the FXS ports?
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  • Trunk Calls from Adtran TA 908

    Hello,   I have a customer that is reporting errant calls from the trunk side of their phone system, and an Adtran 908 2nd Gen is being used as their SIP to PRI. I don't see anything from the Adtran side that wo...
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  • How do I do a packet-capture of the SIP/RTP data off the VPN endpoint in the TA900 ?

    I have a TA900 Gen3 that we are connecting via a VPN to a SIP Server. I have a VPN using the WAN interface as the endpoint to an endpoint just prior to the SIP Server. I have a private IP subnet (/30) on a loopback ...
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  • Adtran 900e - Inbound SIP DID to FX0 and overflow to PRI

    First post and new to Adtran so please forgive ignorance.   I have successfully configured our 924e to accept inbound DID SIP calls from our telco provider and hand them off to a PRI (that terminates into an ACD...
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  • What's the best way to configure two PRI interfaces in a single trunk group?

    I'm preparing to install the device between the carrier and the customer's PBX. Currently two PRI circuits connect to their PBX directly. Both PRI circuits have a D-channel (FAS) and they're provisioned as one logical...
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  • How to transfer a inbound call and keep origination caller ID?

    We have a customer that wants to keep the originating caller ID when transferring inbound calls outside the PRI?
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  • Comcast PRI & legacy analog devices

    Good day!  I am hoping that I can find some guidance on some elementary concerns and questions, for a current project. A customer of ours has a Comcast PRI via a Arris CM820 (basic cable modem) which hands off t...
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  • Adtran 924e PRI to SIP

    Greetings,   I know it is possible to use this device as a gateway from SIP to PRI, but what about the reverse?  We have legacy PRI's in the building and our new phone switch can only take SIP trunks (aster...
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  • Configuration question - trunk cost & Backup path

    so I have several CPE's with the configuration below. What I need to know is, will this "failover" as the previous engineer expected it to with this cost setup? should T03 and T02's costs be reversed? NOTE - this is ...
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  • RTP/AVP payload issues on PRI

    I have a vendor that provides a Chrome based soft-phone, we are having inband DTMF issues from the soft-phone to an auto attendant behind our adtran 904. the phone sends rtp/avp 100 but I answer with rtp/AVP 101. Can ...
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  • PRI Between TA 908e and Shoretel T1K

    Hello,   I'm running into an issue with the T1 hand-off between an Adtran 908e Gen 2, and a Shoretel T1K   Due to a hardware failure, we are replacing an Adtran Total Access 904 (Gen 2) (R13.5.1.E) with a...
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  • Debug logs

    What happens if you run a debug session to try to trap a particular indecent.  We are having an occasional issue with DTMF tones from a PRI going to SIP trunks from a user using a brand new iPhone.  Will the...
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  • Test a PRI status, send email fi down

    Is there a way to probe / test a T!/PRI so if it is DOWN we send a message out (tcl script) The question is how to determine the status of a PRI and send a message
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  • FXS port route traffic to PRI and not to SIP Trunk

    hi   i have an adtran 904e   i have a sip trunk connected to the WAN port and PBX system to the T1 0/4 port and FSX lines   i set up an FSX port and incoming calls works fine outgoing is routing to...
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  • voice grouped-trunk config questions - fail-over/backup

    I have a question about the "voice grouped-trunk" configs that I can't seem to find on any AOS documentation. See code below - but basically I have 2 trunks configured in a group, which should work as primary/primary...
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  • Replace Inbound caller ID

    Hi   i have a client that the PBX is only excepting 11 Digits caller ID  for Example 1-718-555-1212 but if i will send 718-555-1212 it will not except the callerID, the problem is the carrier is sending the...
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  • 2 Separate PRIs on one Adtran 908e

    I am trying to configure 2 separate customer's PRIs to function off of the 2 PRI ports of a single adtran in a multiple business environment, but having issues with all of the calls routing to the first PRI since both...
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  • Intermittent Call Rejection    UNASSIGNED_NUMBER

    I have an Total Access 908e (3rd Gen) with a SIP trunk in and a 2 ISDN PRIs out to  a subscribers Phone system,     intermittently (like every 3rd or 4th call) on outbound calls from the Custo...
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  • Can a 908e connect a voice call (T1/PRI) inbound to a Polycom RMX MCU(SIP) using a Polycom DMA SIP server?

    Can a 908e connect a voice call (T1/PRI) inbound to a Polycom RMX MCU(SIP) using a Polycom DMA SIP server?
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  • In the configuration on a 900e 3rd Gen, what is the difference between Network and User settings on PRI interface settings?

    In the configuration on a 900e 3rd Gen, what is the difference between Network and User settings on PRI interface settings? What setup differences are they each portraying? I would assume as the PRI goes to PBX it wou...
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