• Has anyone been able to trunk together 2 TA908e devices?

    We have two TA908e with amphenol cable connnections and we would like to have one where the PRI comes in and it'll hand off over a trunk to the other adtran if the main one does not have the extension.   example...
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  • Trunk Calls from Adtran TA 908

    Hello,   I have a customer that is reporting errant calls from the trunk side of their phone system, and an Adtran 908 2nd Gen is being used as their SIP to PRI. I don't see anything from the Adtran side that wo...
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  • Configuration question - trunk cost & Backup path

    so I have several CPE's with the configuration below. What I need to know is, will this "failover" as the previous engineer expected it to with this cost setup? should T03 and T02's costs be reversed? NOTE - this is ...
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  • Carrier SIP trunk to AltiGen IP PBX

    I have an Adtran total access 908e with a carrier PRI connected. From there I route calls to and from an Altigen IP PBX over a SIP trunk.   The carrier is eliminating the PRI and wants to deliver voice over a c...
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  • Bridge (bvi) media-gateway not available in CLI

    We have a Total Access 908(e) 2nd Gen w/ firmware R12.3.4.E.  This device is Internet Facing with the two ethernet ports bridged to allow data traffic to traverse to the data network using a different public IP a...
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  • 924e VPN/NAT issues

    Greetings,   When I am using my company's VPN connection, I do not hear audio for calls.  I am assuming it's a NAT issue on the Adtran?   My normal IP:  72.224.x.x , which connects into the Adtra...
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  • 2 Separate PRIs on one Adtran 908e

    I am trying to configure 2 separate customer's PRIs to function off of the 2 PRI ports of a single adtran in a multiple business environment, but having issues with all of the calls routing to the first PRI since both...
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  • 924e high CPU Utilization (RvSipProc0)

    We have a problem with our 924e 2nd gen unit giving high CPU utilization.   It seems RvSipProc0 is the problem.  Also PacketRouting is kind of high.  Here is my process list.  Any ideas?  &...
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  • Inbound calls not making it to softswitch

    I am hoping this will be my final question on this specific journey. I have a TA900 that is currently serving an older PBX with PRI. I have also been working on installing a soft switch behind the TA900. I am able to ...
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  • Configuring TA924as a Basic Router

    Hello, I a have a TA924 providing PRI and analog services and I wanted to add the ability to also use the TA as a Router/Firewall. I have been trying to get it working but so far no luck. Currently I have eth0/1 conne...
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  • traditionally a cisco question.  we use existing cisco to peer bgp and redistribute ospf.  We also need to use the default-information originate when our DIA fails.  How does the 908e total access device handle bgp peering, ospf redist and default-origina

    the question is targeted to Total Access 908e platform on 12. AOS..    This is what we currently use in Cisco IOS to handle edge to core redistributed OSPF into BGP alongside default-information originate ...
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  • Limiting incoming calls on SIP to PRI TA908 3rd Gen

    All, So I have a current customer that's using a legacy PRI and I need to migrate them to our current SIP to PRI platform. In the legacy setup they're able to limit the incoming calls across their PRI so incoming do...
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  • Port Scan Bricks Router

    We currently have a security company that is testing our infrastructure using Nessus. Every time they run a test on our routers, (Total Access 930 and Netvanta 5560), they hit 100% CPU utilization, brick and our inter...
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  • need assistance with configuring sFlow and sending info to an external monitoring tool.

    Currently I have followed the instructions which had me enter the following commands and still no luck:   ip flow export destination 192.168.x.x 6343  (this is pointing to the external tool collector and po...
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  • Creating a Twoway Hotline - RBS to SIP

    I have a TA-904 Gen 2. What I'm trying to figure out is how to create a two-way hotline from RBS DS0s to a Freeswitch PBX. The DS0 will be immediate start. I will not be receiving digits from the far end of the T1. ...
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  • Static Route PPPoE Administrative Metric ignored? etc.

    I have a 2nd gen 908e running version R11.4.5.E   I have eth 0/1 connected to Optimum Online static IP. This is my primary link. I have eth 0/2 cross connected with ppp 1 to a WISP (dynamic IP). This is my fail...
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  • Probe and Port Disable Question

    Is there a way to automatically disable the T1 0/2 port on an Adtran TA 904 when the ETH 0/1 goes offline. The PBX we use is not seeing the D channel as down but will see the port disabled and send traffic out another...
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  • Pri Trunking issues

    I am having issues with occasional calls that ring the customer station with no audio, with in a second or 2 the same call rings again and audio both ways is fine. The calling party never heard the first answer just a...
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  • SIP to SIP Gateway

    Hello,   I am having an issue with incoming DID routing for a SIP to SIP configuration. I am pretty sure a proxy, either stateful or transparent, is not the answer as I want the Adtran to perform ANI (caller ID)...
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  • 908e Incoming call routing SIP to PRI

    i have this 908e connected to the PBX on the T1 port and the ETH01 to my sip lines   i can to outgoing calls but incoming doesn't work   this is my config can anyone point me whats wrong   ! ! ! ...
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