• how do i rest to factory settings

    in the middle of setting up power went out and i cant get back in to the adtran at all
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  • Adtran 908e with rsyslog Server?

    Does anyone use an Adtran 908e with rsyslog to save logs on Windows? I want to have my Adtran send debugging information to a log server and cannot figure out how to do it.
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  • Can't get NTP to work on 908E

    Trying to get NTP to work on 908E:   1)  Enabled DNS Lookup 2)  Configured default gateway 3)  Configured NTP Master 4 (stratum 4) 4)  Configured ntp server  time.nist.gov   908...
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  • 924E (Gen 2), over backup network

    Can the 924E (Gen 2), be configured to work over a router that is configured to use a primary and backup WAN? The router will do the switching and the 924 will be just for the phone system.
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  • Port Scan Bricks Router

    We currently have a security company that is testing our infrastructure using Nessus. Every time they run a test on our routers, (Total Access 930 and Netvanta 5560), they hit 100% CPU utilization, brick and our inter...
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  • need assistance with configuring sFlow and sending info to an external monitoring tool.

    Currently I have followed the instructions which had me enter the following commands and still no luck:   ip flow export destination 192.168.x.x 6343  (this is pointing to the external tool collector and po...
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  • Syslog Issues with TA900 GEN2

    We have several TA900 Gen2 units now running R12.4.0.E and I cannot get them to send over both the FACILITY and LEVEL information in the syslog packets. We are using Kiwi syslog and every event that comes in from the ...
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  • Environmental variable syntax for mail client subject line

    Hello,   I am creating a mail-client config that will perform hourly show commands and generate an email. The "subject" command under mail-client indicates that is supports environmental variables, but I cannot ...
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  • How do you program 908e NTP to use a VRF interface

    My Internet is on a VRF interface and the non VRF interface can't go out to the internet it only goes to the ISPs SIP server so how would I program the NTP to go out the VRF Frame relay interface that has internet.
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  • Can adtran syslog or SNMP trap when a configuration change is made?

    Most running Adtran 908e and Netvanta 1200 series with R.11.4.5 AOS.  Was hoping to be able to syslog of provide SNMP traps when config changes are made to router.
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  • 908e 3rd gen DHCP not working

    DHCP is not working on interface 0/2, subinterface 2. VLAN id 2 is on interface 0/2. DHCP scope set for same subnet.  I cannot get a DHCP address. Where can I assign DHCP to VLAN 2? If I set static, I cannot ping...
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  • DHCP excluded static IP addresses

    How do I find the DHCP excluded static IP addresses?
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  • Adtran 908e - Remote Desktop Disconnects?

    We just switched providers which moved us from Cisco Routers to AdTran routers for 10 locations. We use a MPLS network between all locations. Since moving to our new provider that uses AdTran 908e routers, we are now ...
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  • Loss of Connectivity due to T1 Carrier regrooming

    Hello,      I work for a company that offers voice and data services to the great state of Indiana.  We have several customer who are are on T1s that we get provided through a T1 provider lik...
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  • Preventing SSH from timing out?

    Hi.  I picked up a pair of 2nd Gen 908e's and I'm trying to figure out how to prevent my SSH sessions from timing out.  According to the AOS manual, the line-timeout command should modify it but they drop af...
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  • Ping request

    Does the TA900 have a setting to disable ping request?
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  • Adtran 908 SIP Options Ping

    I am getting a SIP Options Request ping from our Metaswitch SBC which will determine if the trunk is "active" and ready to place calls.   Now I cannot seem to get this to happen. I have followed advice in this t...
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  • CALIX ONT to Adtran 908

    Anyone out there running the adtran 900's off of Ethernet to CALIX ONT's , to E7-20 to a Metaswitch? Our PRI is not getting past the INVITE.
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  • Tagging to T1 interface

    Is there a way now or planned to allow for some sort of tagging to the 908e 2nd Gen?   Instead of doing PPP for my T1's I want to do some sort of EFM style bonding to the IAD (908e) over my T1 interfaces.
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  • Ping sourcing private LAN interface

    When working in Adtran devices, I've noticed a behavior that I need some clarification on. I work for an ISP and we have a number of different devices we have supplied to our enterprise customers. With Cisco devices...
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