• How to have FXS voice users (fax) use different SIP Server than the ISDN PRI port, or should we do NAT instead?

    Hello,   We currently have a TA908e that has an active ISDN PRI running, but we need to add fax lines currently on another ATA to it. We need to either: 1. Add voice users for the FXS ports, but they have to us...
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  • cannot route to interface of 908e across SDWAN

    interface eth 0/1   description Outside   ip address  1x2.1x6.xxx.xx   ip mtu 1500   media-gateway ip primary   traffic-shape rate 1000000   max-reserved-bandwi...
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  • Looking for TA sample configuration script with redundant wan route with SBC ip change.

    Hi,   Exploring possible SBC solutions.  We have a customer that has a direct T1 SIP and a cable internet connection.  I'm looking to understand how something like a TA 908e with SBC (or current device...
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  • SIP ALG on TA900 Series

    Guys,   We have been running into some strange issues with our IP Phones that we deploy for our customers behind Adtran Series TA900 routers. We use the Metaswitch platform and so far it seems that the issues we...
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  • Confirmation on difference between TA908e 4243908F2 & 4243908L5

    We have previously implemented  TA900 series for PSTN failover in Hosted PBX before using the 2nd Gen TA924e w/ 8FXO. We have a smaller implementation coming up where only a single FXO is needed and I wanted to u...
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  • 924e VPN/NAT issues

    Greetings,   When I am using my company's VPN connection, I do not hear audio for calls.  I am assuming it's a NAT issue on the Adtran?   My normal IP:  72.224.x.x , which connects into the Adtra...
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  • voice grouped-trunk config questions - fail-over/backup

    I have a question about the "voice grouped-trunk" configs that I can't seem to find on any AOS documentation. See code below - but basically I have 2 trunks configured in a group, which should work as primary/primary...
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  • Busy signal when dialing out - New set up

    Hello, I would like to to use an Adtran 908E as the gateway device so that I can peel off a few analog lines as well. This is my first experience with Adtran and its going pretty well, but I am unable to get outbound...
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  • Inbound calls not making it to softswitch

    I am hoping this will be my final question on this specific journey. I have a TA900 that is currently serving an older PBX with PRI. I have also been working on installing a soft switch behind the TA900. I am able to ...
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  • Q&A – Can I Modify Outbound Caller ID?

    Question:   Can I modify the outbound caller ID of ADTRAN IP Business Gateways (IPBGs)?     Answer:    Yes, ADTRAN (IPBGs) are capable of displaying a predefined telephone number for all ...
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  • Adtran is responding with 501 method not implemented for Register request.

    Hi All, I am sending Register messages from our MiVoice Business to one of our service provider through Adtran 908e. MiVoice Business is sending Register messages as required by the service provider, but Adtran is ...
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  • Configuring 924e with Transparent Proxy and FXO for local calls

    Here is my situation.   We are a Rural Telco that has launched Hosted PBX.  Hosted is on a MetaSwitch platform.   We have a bank with several local branches in our service area and one branch outside ...
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  • How do I setup two hunt groups in a total access 908e and turn off the call waiting tone?

    I have a total access 908e where I have two hunt groups. Both hunt groups are working however I am getting the call waiting tone?   voice user 1001   connect fxs 0/1   no cos   first-name "Line...
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  • SIP to SIP Gateway

    Hello,   I am having an issue with incoming DID routing for a SIP to SIP configuration. I am pretty sure a proxy, either stateful or transparent, is not the answer as I want the Adtran to perform ANI (caller ID)...
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  • Adtran TA 924e No Audio Between Local SIP Phones and FXS Analog Devices

    We are experiencing an issue configuring an Adtran TA 924e to work as intended on a customer premise. Our intention is to have the Adtran serve as a firewall for onsite Polycom SIP phones that register to our Acme/Ora...
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  • Adtran 908e responds with 501 method not Implemented

    Hi All,   I am sending Register messages from our MiVoice Office 250 to one of our service provider through Adtran 908e. What I observed is MiVoice Office 250 is constructing Register messages as required by the...
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  • Adtran total access 908e (3rd gen) sip trunking in and out failing

    This is resolved.  the config was fine on inbound and outbound just needed an ip that they had not given me       strange i can't get this working im not really new to Adtran at all and have been ...
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  • New to Adtran - Rollover / Hunt question

    I have a TA904. Very new to VOIP.  I have somehow managed to self teach enough to get a 4 line Innomedia with a business group (metaswitch) that is a hunt group, and an Adtran with four separate, ungrouped lines ...
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  • Progress tones not heard

    After installing a TA 908e 2GEN. I don't have any progress tones or ringing during the call. When the pbx phone is answered, audio passes both ways, no problems.. Is there a setting for the caller to hear the ringing ...
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  • Licensing on TA9xx-E gen2?

    Neither the web interface's System -> Licensing tab nor the CLI "license request key generate" command seem to exist... so how does one do that on these boxes?
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