• Adtran Total Access 908e url filter not working

    Hi all,   I'm hoping you can help me set up a http block ALL rule that will ONLY allow access to a specific domain to clients connected on a specific VLAN interface.   Here is my brief config:    ...
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  • Traffic Shape Rate

    On a 5 mbps Ethernet over copper circuit, there is typically 10% overhead form the carrier so you do not get the full 5 mbps bandwidth, will setting the traffic shape rate to exactly 5 mbps cause issues? I am trying t...
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  • 924e VPN/NAT issues

    Greetings,   When I am using my company's VPN connection, I do not hear audio for calls.  I am assuming it's a NAT issue on the Adtran?   My normal IP:  72.224.x.x , which connects into the Adtra...
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  • 924e high CPU Utilization (RvSipProc0)

    We have a problem with our 924e 2nd gen unit giving high CPU utilization.   It seems RvSipProc0 is the problem.  Also PacketRouting is kind of high.  Here is my process list.  Any ideas?  &...
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  • 1:1 NAT Help.

    I am trying to configure a 1:1 NAT allowing only a group of IP's to access the server via https. I used the Example 9 - Static 1:1 NAT from IPv4 Firewall Protection in AOS and its just not making it to the Server. Whe...
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  • Configuring TA924as a Basic Router

    Hello, I a have a TA924 providing PRI and analog services and I wanted to add the ability to also use the TA as a Router/Firewall. I have been trying to get it working but so far no luck. Currently I have eth0/1 conne...
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  • scanning and attempted sip hacking

    I know this has been posted before, but I think this is a rather unique situation.  one of my providers is a provider of providers if you will, in that they route through many carriers.  So when I try to cre...
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  • Static Route PPPoE Administrative Metric ignored? etc.

    I have a 2nd gen 908e running version R11.4.5.E   I have eth 0/1 connected to Optimum Online static IP. This is my primary link. I have eth 0/2 cross connected with ppp 1 to a WISP (dynamic IP). This is my fail...
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  • Probe and Port Disable Question

    Is there a way to automatically disable the T1 0/2 port on an Adtran TA 904 when the ETH 0/1 goes offline. The PBX we use is not seeing the D channel as down but will see the port disabled and send traffic out another...
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  • firewall filter source ip address

    HI   I have a 908e sitting on the public WAN  with no firewall   can i set up to only accept traffic from 1 IP address (my DID provider) and drop all other connections and if yes where do i do that ...
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  • Need assistance routing Public IP  natively w/o NAT

    I need to route Public IP directly to an inside server without using NAT. I am looking for a way to route 1 or 2 public IP address from a /29 block to an inside device.  We want to code the public IP directly o...
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  • 908e behind a Microtik

    I am stumped. I am trying to set up a 908e for a SIP connection. We are currently using a Microtik router as our gateway to the internet. Our service provider has given us a set of public IP addresses that we can use...
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  • Disable multilink ppp when T1 down

    How can I disable routing over a multilink ppp interface when one of the t1 links is down?   This would be a simple matter with a track on the route, but "test if interface" does not support t1.   The appl...
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  • Dual Internet with simultaneous traffic

    I have a 908e that will be connected to two different Internet providers via two Ethernet interfaces.  For redundancy purposes, I'd like to be able to receive SIP calls over both interfaces simultaneously from th...
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  • Add new routes to router

    Hello all.  I need to add routes for two new locations on all of our existing routers.  I have the network IPs and masks as well as the IPs of the new locations' gateways.  What would be the commands to...
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  • Quality Issues with 908e 2nd Gen with 2 Dynamic T1 with PRI Service

    I have packets getting out of order on the call quality metrics and delays between 50-80ms in the DSP, internet has some delay to 40MS to google cable modem also at location is doing 26MS the T1's have no errors at al...
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  • nCommand Voice Quality Monitoring PRI

    Can nCommand monitor voice quality metrics of the PRI on Adtra TA908e series?
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  • How to provide router behind 924e 3rd gen with Public IP's for routing to server and LAN

    Hi,   I've got 4 bonded T1's terminating in a 924e 3rd Gen (R11.10.0.E) with 8 analog lines also terminating in the TA.   WAN Serial: 6x.xx.xxx.81/30     ( Customer Ser...
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  • Adtran 908e VLAN Access Port

    Hello   We have run into a situation where I need to trunk VLANS to an Adtran 908e with a VLAN for SIP and then one for DATA   The data VLAN I would like to pass out eth0/2 as an access port in that VLAN t...
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  • Security Best Practices to Permit RTP from any address while using public IP

    I’m using a wholesale SIP service with an Adtran 916e to connect through the PRI interface to a ShoreTel system. I can make outbound calls, the calls connect, and the remote party can hear the user from the Shor...
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