• nCommand Voice Quality Monitoring PRI

    Can nCommand monitor voice quality metrics of the PRI on Adtra TA908e series?
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  • How to provide router behind 924e 3rd gen with Public IP's for routing to server and LAN

    Hi,   I've got 4 bonded T1's terminating in a 924e 3rd Gen (R11.10.0.E) with 8 analog lines also terminating in the TA.   WAN Serial: 6x.xx.xxx.81/30     ( Customer Ser...
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  • Adtran 908e VLAN Access Port

    Hello   We have run into a situation where I need to trunk VLANS to an Adtran 908e with a VLAN for SIP and then one for DATA   The data VLAN I would like to pass out eth0/2 as an access port in that VLAN t...
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  • Security Best Practices to Permit RTP from any address while using public IP

    I’m using a wholesale SIP service with an Adtran 916e to connect through the PRI interface to a ShoreTel system. I can make outbound calls, the calls connect, and the remote party can hear the user from the Shor...
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  • 908e configured with 4-T1s (ML-PPP) TDM group detecting errors while individual T1 circuits are clean. How to troubleshoot??

    908e configured with 4-T1 circuits in ML-PPP group. T1 circuits are error free. TDM Group 1 statistical counters incrementing errors and traffic not equally distributed across individual T1 circuits.
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  • 908e 3rd Generation Gigabit Port Connection

    Hello do I need to use a 1000BASE-T SFP Module 100M for gaining access to the Gigabit Ethernet port on the TA908e 3rd Gen device or can I plug an RJ connector straight into the port on the back of the 908e? Thanks
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  • Seeing Errored seconds and Controlled Slip seconds TA-908

    The version that I am seeing the subject scenario is OS version R10.9.4.E.   2015.09.15 12:41:58 PPP.NEGOTIATION LCP up 2015.09.15 12:41:58 PPP.ERRORS Multilink is not enabled at the ppp destination 2015.09.15...
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  • How register polycom in Adtran 908e 3 gen

    I need register my polycom and create a Extension to this phone.
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  • Problems with outbound calls, fast busy tone

    I have problem with my outbound calls, but the incoming calls works fine.   This is my config:   ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R11.7.0.E ! Boot ROM version R10.9.3.B1 ! Platform: Total Access 908e (3rd Gen), pa...
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  • I'm running VRRP with 2 Gen 3 908e's.

    So far I'm just tracking LAN and WAN side faults and it's working fine for hardware failure however I want to add redundant paths out that are layer 2 only back to my layer 3 device. There are a few switch hops involv...
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  • Loss of Connectivity due to T1 Carrier regrooming

    Hello,      I work for a company that offers voice and data services to the great state of Indiana.  We have several customer who are are on T1s that we get provided through a T1 provider lik...
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  • Adtran P2P - Data/Voice configuration

    I have two (2) 908e unit's P2P via T1 Circuit and would like to have some help with configuring correctly.   P2P - T1 circuit   7 IP Phones .49 subnet 7 Computers .48 subnet   GW - Data .48.1 GW - ...
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  • 908e (2nd gen) loosing data connection

    My 908e 2nd Generation appliance is loosing data connection but not the voice part. I have updated the firmware and it will stay up and running for about 9:00 am and then now at 3:38pm it is down again.   Any i...
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  • Ping request

    Does the TA900 have a setting to disable ping request?
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  • Retiring Cisco 891 with adtran 908e 3rd generation but need to configure basic inside to outside NAT

    I am replacing a Cisco 891 with an Adtran 908e 3rd gen; the issue I am having is with setting up an inside to outside nat on the Adtran. Below is a sample config of what's programmed on the Cisco I need to do the same...
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  • Using eth 0/2 to connect a vpn device

    Apologies for the length of this but here goes....We're putting in a device to create a "secure" connection between our LAN and Vendor A's data facility. Our voice and data are provided by VENDOR B who also sold us th...
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  • Tagging to T1 interface

    Is there a way now or planned to allow for some sort of tagging to the 908e 2nd Gen?   Instead of doing PPP for my T1's I want to do some sort of EFM style bonding to the IAD (908e) over my T1 interfaces.
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  • Configure 908e as Router with DHCP.

    We are trying to configure a 908e as a basic router. We uploaded the factory default config file for 908e models from Adtran.   We have eth 0/1 plugged into a layer 2 netgear layer 2 POE switch. We have eth 0/2 ...
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  • Extending a lan via a point to point T1 using a TA 904?

    Can I use two Total Access 904 units to extend my LAN from one location to another over a point to point T1?  If so does anyone have a configuration that i can use? Thanks.
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  • show sip trunk-registration

    Hi,  I'm new to the Adtran Gateway.  I'm trying to get a sip trunk to register.  when I run a show sip trunk-registration this is what I'm getting There are no matching registrations available. Can a...
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