• Looking for TA sample configuration script with redundant wan route with SBC ip change.

    Hi,   Exploring possible SBC solutions.  We have a customer that has a direct T1 SIP and a cable internet connection.  I'm looking to understand how something like a TA 908e with SBC (or current device...
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  • Call Block

    Is there a way to block numbers in the Total Access 908?
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  • Has anyone been able to trunk together 2 TA908e devices?

    We have two TA908e with amphenol cable connnections and we would like to have one where the PRI comes in and it'll hand off over a trunk to the other adtran if the main one does not have the extension.   example...
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  • URI is not correct in SIP invite

    First time setting up a 908e to use FQDN instead of IP addresses to SIP provider. I have my SIP trunk registered and can receive inbound calls but unable to make outbound calls. Did a trace with the provider and they ...
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  • How to configure 908E for PRI to KTS for a new phone system ?

    We are wanting to setup a 908E to use it as a gateway to a new KTS system. We are replacing an existing phone system which is now using PRI so we would like to emulate this setup in our lab so the cutover transition w...
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  • TA908e PRI to SIP can't dial out (New install)

    I am trying to install an Adtran TA 908e for the first time to provide PRI service into a Mitel 5000 PBX from Broadsoft SIP trunking service, we have inbound service working fine but calling out from the Mitel always ...
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  • Trunk Calls from Adtran TA 908

    Hello,   I have a customer that is reporting errant calls from the trunk side of their phone system, and an Adtran 908 2nd Gen is being used as their SIP to PRI. I don't see anything from the Adtran side that wo...
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  • What does RTP PACKET DELAY do and mean?

    Having issues wit ha 924e with sip in pots out when a modem call comes in we can download 75% of the file then the call drops. Can this be fixed by  RTP PACKET DELAY commands?
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  • Adtran 924E behind router/firewall

    i have a situation where i need 60 FXS ports to connect to my SIP server each fxs port  shuold connect with a unique sip user/password   now i dont have enough Public IP address for all the adtran devices, ...
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  • Adtran TA908e 3rd Gen T.38 on PRI

    I see that the newer Adtran TA908e 3rd Gen supports up to 30 T.38 sessions. Can T.38 be enabled on the PRI interface or is it just available for the FXS ports?
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  • Having trouble with dial plan on 900e

    The setup has the fxs port registered as sip endpoint. When I make calls that match the default dial plan the call cuts through immediately. If I try to make a call that requires a star code first there is about a fou...
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  • Getting this when setting up a FXS to SIP trunk call: Looking up source address for destination x.x.x.x. Delivering ERROR: unable to get local address

    Here is the debug: Looking up source address for destination 14:03:18.371 PM.0:9 Idle                 Processed OFFHOOK ...
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  • How do I do a packet-capture of the SIP/RTP data off the VPN endpoint in the TA900 ?

    I have a TA900 Gen3 that we are connecting via a VPN to a SIP Server. I have a VPN using the WAN interface as the endpoint to an endpoint just prior to the SIP Server. I have a private IP subnet (/30) on a loopback ...
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  • experiencing disconnects with MS Remote Desktop sessions

    We currently have Verizon service for Internet and VOIP whereby they installed an AdTran TotalAccess 900e device to provide both services. We have users utilizing the Internet connection to connect to a Windows Remote...
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  • SIP ALG on TA900 Series

    Guys,   We have been running into some strange issues with our IP Phones that we deploy for our customers behind Adtran Series TA900 routers. We use the Metaswitch platform and so far it seems that the issues we...
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  • Adtran 900e - Inbound SIP DID to FX0 and overflow to PRI

    First post and new to Adtran so please forgive ignorance.   I have successfully configured our 924e to accept inbound DID SIP calls from our telco provider and hand them off to a PRI (that terminates into an ACD...
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  • Does the TA900 support 4 Wire T1s?

    Does the TA900e (3rd Gen) support 4 wire T1s facing the customer's PBX?    We have a customer with an old PBX that requires a 4 wire T1 for their voice and I can't find any documentation that says anyth...
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  • I am using a 908e and all outbound calls get a regular busy. Inbound calls work fine. No CPN should take care of the caller ID outgoing, but it looks like the dialed number is unknown? Anyone know where to program. Any help is appreciated. Debug is below

    19:24:07.863 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI 1  R Sapi:00 C/R:R Tei:00 INFO Ns:81  Nr:70  P:0 19:24:07.863 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI 1    Prot:08 CRL:2  CRV:0008 19:24:07.863 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI 1  ...
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  • What's the best way to configure two PRI interfaces in a single trunk group?

    I'm preparing to install the device between the carrier and the customer's PBX. Currently two PRI circuits connect to their PBX directly. Both PRI circuits have a D-channel (FAS) and they're provisioned as one logical...
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  • Total Access 908e can not connect via SSH

    i have a device that i can not connect via SSH i reviewed the config a few times and it looks ok   i am posting the config here maybe someone might catch whats wrong   .         ! !...
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