• Flash Player & Management Interface

    I have noticed that Adobe Flash Player is going to "go away" in December 2020.  Our NV7100 Management Interface has to have Flash Player to run.  Will there be software updates?  How will we be able to ...
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  • Netvanta 1550-48P loss of management connection.  No console connection

    Good afternoon,   I have an issue I am trying to resolve.  We currently have Netvanta 1550-48P switches in service.  Occasionally I am not able to access my default management IP address via telnet....
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  • Adtran 904 2nd Gen cannot upgrade beyond T900G2A-A4-09-00-E.biz

    Old Adtran 904 2ndGen had T900G2A-A4-08-00-E.biz firmware, which I was able to upgrade to T900G2A-A4-09-00-E.biz.  I am not able to upgrade to anything higher that is available, so I tried using T900G2A-R10-9-5-E...
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  • AP's stop passing traffic and must be rebooted.

    We are having an ongoing issue where our access points (2030's) just stop passing traffic and the only fix I have found is a reboot. The access points appear to be functioning correctly from an admin perspective: the ...
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  • Comcast PRI & legacy analog devices

    Good day!  I am hoping that I can find some guidance on some elementary concerns and questions, for a current project. A customer of ours has a Comcast PRI via a Arris CM820 (basic cable modem) which hands off t...
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  • comcast

    Has anyone ever setup a netvana 3140 SBC with comcast sip services? They are stating that if we use a netvana, it must emulate a PBX in order for their services to work. Does anyone know what they are talking about?
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  • How to set up an admin user on a 7100 to make user changes only

    What is the best way to set up an admin user on a 7100 whose only function is to make changes to the user accounts and update the directory?
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  • vWLAN and BSAP Version 3.3.0 has been Released

    vWLAN and BSAP Version 3.3.0 has been released. Use the below rules to know what version to upgrade to:   If you are on version 2.6.2 or below, upgrade to 2.6.2.HC -> 2.8.0 -> 3.3.0 2.8.0 was a release gat...
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  • Is there a time zone setting in vWLAN?

    We've got our vWLAN logging to Splunk, however the time stamps are all off 4 hours.  It appears that even though we're set for NTP, the syslog facility is not using the local time in the timestamp.  This is ...
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  • Adtran TA908e 3rd Gen T.38 on PRI

    I see that the newer Adtran TA908e 3rd Gen supports up to 30 T.38 sessions. Can T.38 be enabled on the PRI interface or is it just available for the FXS ports?
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  • Initial config of netvanta 3140

    Hi there, I'm hoping this is a simple(r) question.   We are a small tech support company, and are pretty technically proficient, but we are normally dealing with routers such as barracuda/sonicwall/ubiquity. A p...
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  • What kind of throughput can I expect on a NetVanta 3140 with firewalling disabled?

    I'm trying to figure out what kind of throughput I am going to get with a 3140. The firewall will be disabled and there are no VPNs, but it will be doing QoS. Can I expect higher than the 600Mbps on the product matrix...
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  • Issues with Transparent SIP Proxy

    Hello!   I'm using a Netvanta 6355 and working on setting it up as a transparent proxy but when I have the configuration in place that I copy from here: https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-7023?q=Issues%20...
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  • Adtran Total Access 908e url filter not working

    Hi all,   I'm hoping you can help me set up a http block ALL rule that will ONLY allow access to a specific domain to clients connected on a specific VLAN interface.   Here is my brief config:    ...
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  • what was the last atlas 550 firmware level offered?

    the query says it all...   have an Adtran 550 atlas that has been up and running for quite some time it's current firmware version is C.09.04 is there a later version available? if so from where do I get ...
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  • Adtran 924e PRI to SIP

    Greetings,   I know it is possible to use this device as a gateway from SIP to PRI, but what about the reverse?  We have legacy PRI's in the building and our new phone switch can only take SIP trunks (aster...
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  • Configuration question - trunk cost & Backup path

    so I have several CPE's with the configuration below. What I need to know is, will this "failover" as the previous engineer expected it to with this cost setup? should T03 and T02's costs be reversed? NOTE - this is ...
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  • TA624 as a Channel Bank

    Im getting a PRI handoff from my vendor off a Adtran TA924e. But i need to break that down from digital to analog. So basically it would be Carrier----->to Adtran924E T1PRI-------->Adtran TA624------->60 bloc...
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  • AOS R13.5.2 released for the TA-900/900e Series

    AOS R13.5.2 was released and posted for the TA-900/900e series.  This is a maintenance release from R13.5.1.  Please reference the AOS R13.5.2 Release Notes for specific details.  The TA-900/900e firmwa...
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  • AOS R13.5.2 released for the NetVanta 6000 Series

    AOS R13.5.2 was released and posted for the NetVanta 6000 series.  This is a maintenance release from R13.5.1. Please reference the AOS R13.5.2 Release Notes  for specific details.  The NetVanta 6000 se...
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