• PSK & AP Control Channel Timeout

    If I read correctly, vWLAN/AP firmware 3.2+ fixes an issue that caused WPA2-PSK ("Personal") SSIDs from dropping if the AP Control Channel is lost. Is there anything special in the configuration to ensure that?
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  • DCSS Command Reference Guide

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  • How does arbitration work in an 802.11 WLAN?

    The question itself is not one that gets a lot of thought, but it is also a question which provides insight into a number of common wireless problems. Many network engineers are familiar with carrier sense multiple ac...
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  • Netvanta 3140 issue with DHCP assignments

    I have noticed lately my router is not assigning DHCP to some devices.  My mac this morning would not draw a DHCP from the router.  It auto assigns.  I have noticed some of our Mitel VOIP phones if powe...
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  • NetVanta 1531P flash error

    Hi folks,   We have a Netvanta 1531P which is refusing to boot up:   Bootloader... Starting logging: OK Starting mdev... Initializing random number generator... done. Starting network... Mounting sysc...
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  • how do i rest to factory settings

    in the middle of setting up power went out and i cant get back in to the adtran at all
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  • What is the optimum way to configure a 3120 as a switch with minimal latency (no firewall)?

    I have a Netvanta 3120 which I'd like to repurpose as a LAN switch.  The router in the network is configured with some static LAN addresses and a LAN pool for DHCP leases.  The next hop from the router in th...
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  • Port Forward restriction

    I have a NetVanta 3120 with a Port forward for RDP This works well. I now need to restrict this access to one external IP address for security.   I have tried stumbling through a few configs but with no luck......
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  • SB.CALL 3 RTP resource unavailable or SDP negotiation failed. Call from

    I am trying to pass calls between Provider and PBX via TA908. I have eth0/1 as public and eth0/2 as LAN. I can make outbound calls however when an inbound call arrives I am getting an error SB.CALL 3 RTP resource unav...
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  • PRI will not stay up

    New AT&T IP flex PRI handoff to Adtran TA 908e 3rd GEN will not stay up. D channel is flapping and B channels go OOS and then back in.   It's a partial PRI 10 B channels and D channel 24. I've reviewed confi...
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  • cannot route to interface of 908e across SDWAN

    interface eth 0/1   description Outside   ip address  1x2.1x6.xxx.xx   ip mtu 1500   media-gateway ip primary   traffic-shape rate 1000000   max-reserved-bandwi...
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  • Fans Stalling/Resuming on Adtran 5660

    Hello,   We have an Adtran 5660 and we occasionally get emails indicating that a fan has stalled but then resumed. The stall and then the subsequent email that the fan has resume is almost instant.   Anyt...
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  • Netvanta 3430 Internet Speed 30% of Expected Bandwidth  [Solved]

    Good Evening,   We have an old Netvanta 3430 which is connected to our Cox Business Internet.  Our contracted speed is 100M download and 20M upload.  When I connect directly to the cable modem, the spe...
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  • change sip trunk source port ?

    is there a way to change the contact port for a sip trunk I have an instance where ONE trunk is accepting calls for either of the defined trunks     eg a call routed to sip T02  is going to sip T01 T...
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  • DHCP on Netvanta 3140

    Is there a way in the GUI to set up a device with a reserved IP address? I can't seem to find how to assign static addresses to a specific mac address on a device.   Eddie
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  • I have serious issues with Netvanta 1550-48P working with Hikvision IP Cameras.

    It takes forever for the switch to establish a connection with a camera. Lights blink orange/green and go off. All those cameras worked perfectly fine on Cisco switch for years. Eventually they may or may not come up ...
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  • Netvanta 4305 Bridging Operation/IP address for eth int

    I have a private network consisting of a 4304 at the core, wide octal T1 with Netvanta 1224R at each remote.  I have this configuration running in bridged mode just fine, ppp cross-connected to the T1's etc. ...
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  • bgp route failed to redist to ospf issues..

    AOS should be able to support bgp->ospf redistribution but I cannot get it going for some reason. As you can see below, is on OSPF database but no go to form the OSPF route. Did I miss any?   ...
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  • TA924 (1st Gen) losing web interface?

    I have deployed a refurb Total Access 924 (1st Generation) for breaking out analog phone lines for our IP-PBX. I monitor its SMTP stats with PRTG. And see that this unit seems to lose it's web interface every so often...
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  • Use Hook Flash on Atlas 550 FXS-8

    I have an Atlas 550 and would like to use hook flash to transfer a call. Here is the scenario in which I hope to create. Call is inbound to Atlas on Network Term PRI  NET-1 and ANI routed to a FXS-8 port. That ca...
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