• Is the NetVanta 5660 device capabale of handling analog fax service?

    If the Adtran NetVanta 5660 is configured for analog voice service, does it have the capability to handle traditional analog faxing service?
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  • Blocking multicast traffic

    How effectively can multicast traffic be blocked on a SSID that does not need other devices to communicate with each other?  Anyone offer any insights, I have included some rules I want to experiment with but wan...
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  • NetVanta 3200's excessive login attemps. 'access-attempts' isn't an available option.

    We use NetVanta 3200's for T1 termination and seeing excessive login attempts.  We want to use the 'access-attempts' command on page 1982 of the AOS 13.6 command reference.   When we navigate to the proper...
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  • TA908e eSBC Feature Pack

    Hello All,   I am trying to verify/validate some use cases with the TA908e (3rd gen) w/ eSBC Feature Pack.  I am having some problems even determining if I have the eSBC feature pack installed, and if not h...
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  • Having issue with configuring vlan 1 on 1550-24 after upgrading to R13-5-2

    When trying to configure the units IP address I get this overlap and the vlan stays at this is on a clean AOS install.   I can access the switch via CLI however without being able to set vlan 1 I cannot...
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  • Accept List

    I have a question on the accept list. If I have a range of numbers all in sequence, can I make one entry using brackets for the entire range, and what would that bracket look like is numbers where 5866439-6499
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  • PSK & AP Control Channel Timeout

    If I read correctly, vWLAN/AP firmware 3.2+ fixes an issue that caused WPA2-PSK ("Personal") SSIDs from dropping if the AP Control Channel is lost. Is there anything special in the configuration to ensure that?
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  • DCSS Command Reference Guide

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  • How does arbitration work in an 802.11 WLAN?

    The question itself is not one that gets a lot of thought, but it is also a question which provides insight into a number of common wireless problems. Many network engineers are familiar with carrier sense multiple ac...
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  • Netvanta 3140 issue with DHCP assignments

    I have noticed lately my router is not assigning DHCP to some devices.  My mac this morning would not draw a DHCP from the router.  It auto assigns.  I have noticed some of our Mitel VOIP phones if powe...
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  • NetVanta 1531P flash error

    Hi folks,   We have a Netvanta 1531P which is refusing to boot up:   Bootloader... Starting logging: OK Starting mdev... Initializing random number generator... done. Starting network... Mounting sysc...
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  • how do i rest to factory settings

    in the middle of setting up power went out and i cant get back in to the adtran at all
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  • What is the optimum way to configure a 3120 as a switch with minimal latency (no firewall)?

    I have a Netvanta 3120 which I'd like to repurpose as a LAN switch.  The router in the network is configured with some static LAN addresses and a LAN pool for DHCP leases.  The next hop from the router in th...
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  • Port Forward restriction

    I have a NetVanta 3120 with a Port forward for RDP This works well. I now need to restrict this access to one external IP address for security.   I have tried stumbling through a few configs but with no luck......
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  • SB.CALL 3 RTP resource unavailable or SDP negotiation failed. Call from

    I am trying to pass calls between Provider and PBX via TA908. I have eth0/1 as public and eth0/2 as LAN. I can make outbound calls however when an inbound call arrives I am getting an error SB.CALL 3 RTP resource unav...
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  • PRI will not stay up

    New AT&T IP flex PRI handoff to Adtran TA 908e 3rd GEN will not stay up. D channel is flapping and B channels go OOS and then back in.   It's a partial PRI 10 B channels and D channel 24. I've reviewed confi...
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  • cannot route to interface of 908e across SDWAN

    interface eth 0/1   description Outside   ip address  1x2.1x6.xxx.xx   ip mtu 1500   media-gateway ip primary   traffic-shape rate 1000000   max-reserved-bandwi...
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  • Fans Stalling/Resuming on Adtran 5660

    Hello,   We have an Adtran 5660 and we occasionally get emails indicating that a fan has stalled but then resumed. The stall and then the subsequent email that the fan has resume is almost instant.   Anyt...
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  • Netvanta 3430 Internet Speed 30% of Expected Bandwidth  [Solved]

    Good Evening,   We have an old Netvanta 3430 which is connected to our Cox Business Internet.  Our contracted speed is 100M download and 20M upload.  When I connect directly to the cable modem, the spe...
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  • change sip trunk source port ?

    is there a way to change the contact port for a sip trunk I have an instance where ONE trunk is accepting calls for either of the defined trunks     eg a call routed to sip T02  is going to sip T01 T...
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