NetVanta 1st Generation 2000 Series Firmware Upgrade

Version 2

    Upgrading the NetVanta 2000 Series Firmware

    As features are added to the NetVanta 2000 Series, firmware upgrades may be necessary. The NetVanta has flash memory allowing the firmware to be upgraded from a file provided by ADTRAN. The current revision of the firmware can be found by connecting to the unit through the web interface and selecting the General link.


    Note: Before attempting any firmware upgrade, document the current configuration! It may be necessary to re-configure the NetVanta after upgrading the firmware.

    Using The Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Interface To Upgrade Firmware

    1. Ensure the NetVanta 2000 Series is connected to your the LAN of your computer and is powered on.
    2. Login to the NetVanta by opening Internet Explorer and entering the LAN IP address for the NetVanta (this should be the same as the default gateway for your computer).
    3. Enter the Name as admin and leave the Password blank; then click on Login now.
    4. After the NetVanta 2000 Series Administration Console opens, click on ADMIN and then select Upgrade Firmware.
    5. Select Browse... and then find and select the binary firmware file; Click Open.
    6. Once the binary upgrade file is selected and appears in the Upgrade File: box, click Upgrade. The progress of the upgrade will be displayed.
    7. The NetVanta will reset once the upgrade is complete.

    Warranty And Support

    If you experience any problems or have any questions, contact ADTRAN Service and Support online at or 888-423-8726.