Command Reference Guide Restrictions - NetVanta 2000 Series

Version 3

    Command Reference Guide Restrictions for the NetVanta 2000 Series


    The Command Reference Guide for the NetVanta 2000 Series supports commands added up until AOS 10.  The AOS 10 Command Reference Guide can be accessed here: AOS 10.1 Command Reference Guide - 2nd Gen NetVanta 2000 Series (8.5 Mb)


    NOTE: Some of the commands in this Command Reference Guide are not applicable to the NetVanta 2000 series products.  Please consult the Applicable Platforms section for each command in the guide.  Supported features listed by platform can be viewed in the AOS Feature Matrix - Product Feature Matrix.


    Due to hardware differences certain AOS products do not support past a particular branch of code.  Please consult the chart below for AOS limitations based on products.


    AOS Platform

    AOS Version

    NetVanta 340

    N/A *1

    NetVanta 344 L1 *2

    1. 14.xx.xx

    NetVanta 344 E1 *2


    NetVanta 1224 Series

    1. 13.xx.xx

    NetVanta 1335


    NetVanta 1355/6355


    NetVanta 1524 ST


    NetVanta 2000 Series

    1. 10.xx.xx

    1st Generation NetVanta 3200/3205

    1. 06.xx.xx

    2nd Generation NetVanta 3200/3205

    1. 15.xx.xx

    1st Generation NetVanta 3305 *3

    1. 15.xx.xx E

    NetVanta 3100 Series


    NetVanta 3400 Series


    NetVanta 4305


    NetVanta 5305


    NetVanta 7100


    Total Access 900 Series


    Total Access 900 (E) Series


    *1                    N/A indicates there is no AOS limitation due to hardware for the listed platform.  If the latest AOS version is not available and lists N/A in this table, it may not be officially released on the given platform.

    *2             NetVanta 344 models including an L1 in the part number, like 1200426L1 for example, are limited to AOS 14.xx.xx.  NetVanta 344 models including an E1 in the part number, like 1200426E1 for example, are not limited.

    *3                    The first generation NetVanta 3305 will run the latest AOS Standard Feature Pack, but will not run past AOS 15.xx.xx Enhanced Feature Pack (VPN)