T3SU 300 scrambler options

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      T3SU 300 scrambler options


    Q: T3SU 300 scrambler options


    A: There are two scrambling options available for each multiplexing mode (75kbps block size or 3.158 Mbps block size):


    75 kbps block size (Adtran standard):

    2047                     This is an Adtran proprietary scrambler.  On 1st generation models, choosing Enable for scrambling used this mode.
    1+x^43 The ATM scrambler

    3.158 Mbps (Larscom standard):

    x^11+x^9+1          This is an Adtran proprietary scambler.  It is the same as 2047 scrambling.  On older firmware versions of first generation units, choosing Enabled for the scrambler chose this mode.
    x^20+x^17+1 The Larscom equivalent scrambler.  If you are terminating into a device other than the T3SU such as an ISP Cisco router, use this scrambling if the carrier wishes to have scrambling enabled.