Adding ADTRAN ISDN Products to Macintosh ® Applications that use CCL Scripts

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      Adding ADTRAN ISDN Products to Macintosh ® Applications that use CCL Scripts



    Adding ADTRAN ISDN Products to Macintosh ® Applications that use CCL Scripts





    This document outlines the use of ADTRAN supplied Connection Command Language (CCL) extensions for ADTRAN ISU an Express products. The CCLs are based on Apple Remote Access (ARA) Version 2.0 and 2.1 structure. The use of these CCLs requires an Apple Macintosh high-speed modem cable, which can be purchased where Apple products are sold.

    Downloading and Decompressing the CCL Files

    To add ADTRAN ISDN products to Macintosh applications, download the CCL file.


    These files are encoded to allow transmission over the internet without corruption. Decoding them requires a program like Stuffit Expander or PKUnzip.


    Place the CCL script in the SYSTEM FOLDER>EXTENSION>MODEM SCRIPTS folder.

    Installing ISU CCL Support on Your Macintosh Computer


    Prior to running the ARA software for the first time you need to manually preconfigure the ISU settings. Referring to the ISU User Manual, verify the following settings on the unit:

    • Proper switch type, terminal IDs, and SPID numbers.
    • Set DTR = Ignore DTR.
    • Set dial AT commands.
    • Select RS-232 operation on ISU 2X64 unit.
    • Select either V.35 or RS-232 operation on the ISU 128 (see Cable Requirements below).
    • Set DTE Bit Rate = Async 57.6k or 115.2k operation.
    • Set DSR = Forced on.
    • Proper protocol and data mode.

    EXPRESS SETUPPrior to running the ARA software for the first time you need to run the Express Configuration Wizard that was supplied with your Express XRT or Express 3000.MACINTOSH SETUP

    1. Refer to your Macintosh documentation and verify the following:
      • AppleTalk protocol is enabled.
      • Remote Access is selected.
      • File sharing and program linking are enabled as desired.
    2. Run the application requiring CCL support. Under SETUP, the ADTRAN CCL script selections should be visible. Select the desired speed of port operation (using the Express products at 230.4 kbps requires a DIP switch change; refer to your product manual for this information), enter the remote dial number, and attempt to dial. If the software immediately indicates that the modem is not responding, verify proper configuration of the ISU or Express device and proper connection of the ISU or Express unit to the Macintosh computer.
    3. If the ISDN connection is established properly then one of the following messages is displayed: "Communicating at 57600 bps", "Communicating at 115200 bps", or "Communicating at 230,400 bps." At this point the protocol attempts to establish a session with the remote site (depending on the application). If the session fails then you should verify the Macintosh network configuration settings. If the session is properly established, the software indicates that the connection was successful.

    Cable Requirements

    Care must be taken to select the proper cable when using high-speed communications devices with your Macintosh computer. When connecting to an ADTRAN ISU Express, Express XR/XRT/3000 or ISU 2x64 unit, a Macintosh high-speed EIA-232 cable must be used (defined below). When connecting to an ISU 128 unit, a special mini-DIN-to-V.35 cable is required.
    Following are cable diagrams recommended by Apple and ADTRAN for Macintosh-to-RS232 (Table 1) and Macintosh-to-V.35 (Table 2) connectivity. These cables are generally available where Apple products are sold. The Macintosh-to-V.35 cable is available through Belkin Electronics (800-223-5546), Belkin part number A3M922-08.

    MAC DIN-8EIA-232 DB-25P (MALE)
    1 (HSK0)4, 20 (RTS, DTR)*
    2 (HSK1)5 (CTS)**
    3 (TxD-)2 (TD)
    4 (SG)7 (SG)
    5 (RxD-)3 (RD)
    6 (TxD+)not connected
    7 (GP1)8 (DCD)
    8 (RxD+)7 (SG)
    Table 1
    *RTS must be asserted. This may be done by connecting RTS to DTR or by connecting RTS to DSR on the DB-25. Do not connect to both DSR and DTR!
    ** Normally pin 2 (CTS) is connected to pin 6 (DSR) on other Macintosh cables.


    MAC DIN-8V. 35 PIN Connections (MALE)
    1 (HSKO)H (DTR)
    2 (HSK1)D (CTS)
    3 (TxD-)P (TD-A)
    4 (SG)B, A (GND)
    5 (RxD-)R (RD-A)
    6 (TxD+)S (TD-B)
    7 (GP1)F (DCD)
    8 (RxD+)T (RD-B)
    -C-> E (RTS -> DSR)
    Table 2


    If you experience any problems using your ADTRAN product, please contact ADTRAN Technical Support.