DSU 5600 Interface Pinouts

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      DSU 5600 Interface Pinouts



    DSU 5600 Interface Pinouts




    The following charts give the pin assignments for the DSU 5600 connectors. They can also be found in the DSU 5600 User Manual, Chapter 2. Installation.

    Network Connections

    This interface consists of four leads paired to provide separate transmit and receive circuits. The four leads are provided on the eight position modular jack (RJ-48S) labeled TELCO on the rear panel of the DSU 5600.

    Pin NumberFunctionSignal Direction
    1Transmit Data (R)From Customer to Network Interface
    2Transmit Data (T)From Customer to Network Interface
    3-6Not Used
    7Receive Data (T-1)From Network Interface to Customer
    8Receive Data (R-1)From Network Interface to Customer



    Pin Assignments for Primary EIA-232 Connector

    The data terminal equipment is attached to the connector labeled PRIMARY EIA-232 at the rear of the DSU 5600. The maximum cable length recommended is 50 feet.


    The EIA-232 connector works up to 56 kbps with a low capacitance cable or with the external transmit clock option selected. The primary DTE rate is configured from the front panel. The primary DTE can operate in asynchronous or synchronous modes.


    To prevent possible radio frequency interference emissions, a shielded cable is required.



    1AAProtective Ground (PG)
    2BASend Data (SD)
    3BBReceive Data (RD)
    4CARequest to Send (RS)
    5CBClear to Send (CS)
    6CCData Set Ready (SR)
    7ABSignal Ground (SG)
    8CFReceived Line Signal Detector (CD)
    9-Not Used
    10-Not Used
    11-14-Not Used
    15DBTransmit Clock (STC)
    16-Not Used
    17DDReceive Clock (SCR)
    19-24-Not Used