Configuring and Mapping a TSU for the Router Module

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      Configuring and Mapping a TSU for the Router Module



    Configuring and Mapping a TSU for the Router Module





    This Technical Support Note describes how to configure the TSU T1 circuit options and map the appropriate number of DS0s to the TSU Router Module.


    Note: If you are using the ADTRAN TSU with a fractional T1 circuit or a Frame Relay circuit, you will need to adjust the number of channels to match that provided by telco.


    Network Settings:

    FORMAT:ESF / D4 (Telco Provided)
    CODE:B8ZS / AMI (Telco Provided)
    TIMING:NET (See Timing)
    SET LBO:0.0

    Note: If the TSU XX0 is configured on the Network settings for D4/AMI. Then the TSU Router Module's DS0 Rate must be set for 56K. This option can be found under 2) Config 7)Port Config 1)WAN 1)DS0 Rate.


    • If telco is providing a clock on the T1, then set Clock Source to Network.
    • If the circuit is a Frame Relay circuit, then set the Clock Source to Network.


    Note: In this example, channels 1-24 will be mapped to the X.1 Router.

    1. From the front panel, select 2) CONFIG and then press ENTER.
    2. To determine which map is in use, select 4) MAP IN USE. The map in use will be displayed (A is default and will be used in this example).
    3. Select 5) DS0 MAP A and then press ENTER. (If you have set up passcode protection, you will be challenged to enter your passcode at this time.)
    4. Select 1) COPY A > TEMP and then press ENTER.
    5. Select 5) EDIT TEMP and then press ENTER. (For some models this may be option 6 rather than 5).
    6. Scroll up/down until the top line shows DS0: 01.
    7. Press ENTER and the cursor will start blinking on the bottom line.
    8. Scroll up/down until the bottom line shows PORT: X.1 Router. Press ENTER and the cursor will go back to the top line.
    9. Repeat Steps 6-8, choosing each DS0 until you have completed 1-24.
    10. Review all channels 1-24 by scrolling up/down to confirm the map.
    11. Press CANCEL once and you will see 6 Apply Temp > A. Press ENTER and you will be asked DISRUPT DATA:. Scroll up/down until you see YES; then press ENTER. The map will be applied.

    The TSU is now configured and the DS0s are mapped to the TSU Router Module. For more information on configuring the TSU Router Module, see kb article # 1571.