NetVanta 7060/7100 SIP Phone Support

Version 4

    The NetVanta 7060 and 7100 support a maximum of 100 SIP endpoints registrations.  A SIP endpoint may be any supported desktop telephones and PC based soft phones. ADTRAN supports OEM Polycom SIP telephones sold by ADTRAN, ADTRAN SIP telephones, and the ADTRAN SIP soft phone. Note that some of these phones are older models that may no longer be available through ADTRAN.


    SIP Telephone Models Supported:


    ADTRAN SIP Telephones

    Part Number

    ADTRAN IP 706, 6 Line Black


    ADTRAN IP 712, 12 Line Black


    ADTRAN IP Soft Phone (5 Pack)


    Polycom IP Sound Point Telephones


    IP 321 Two Line


    IP 331 Two Line


    IP 335 Two Line


    IP 430 Two Line


    IP 450 Three Line HD Voice


    IP 501 Three Line


    IP 550 Four Line HD Voice


    IP 560 Four Line HD Voice


    IP 601 Six Line


    IP 601EM (Expansion Module)


    IP 650 Six Line HD Voice


    IP 650 EM (Expansion Module)


    IP 670 Six Line HD Voice Color Screen


    IP 670 EM (Expansion Module)


    IP 4000 Conference Phone


    IP 5000 Conference Phone


    IP 6000 Conference Phone


    IP 7000 Conference Phone




    Expansion Module:


    The IP601EM, IP650EM, IP670EM is an expansion module for the IP601, IP650, IP670 telephones that adds 14 multifunction buttons to the telephone. Up to three IP6xxEM modules may be added to any corresponding IP6xx telephone.  The expansion module is powered inline from the telephone so there are no external AC adapters required.  There is no expansion module option available for the IP706 or IP712 telephones.


    External AC power:


    The IP601, IP650, and IP670 telephones ship with an AC wall plug adapter to allow the telephone to be powered by an external power source if PoE power is not available.  The IP501, IP706, and IP712 do NOT ship with an AC adapter.  If an AC adapter is required for the IP501 the adapters must be purchased separately using P/N 1200767L1. These adapters are only sold in a 5 pack.  If an AC adapter is required for the IP706 or IP712, the adapters must be purchased separately using P/N 1200809E1.  These are single port PoE injectors sold individually.


    DECT Phones:


                ADTRAN does not currently sell third party DECT phones. These phones will require a “base station” in order to operate. Please consult the phone vendor for compatible base stations.


    TAPI Support:


                ADTRAN does not currently support any TAPI application integration with the NetVanta 7100 using SIP desktop phones, soft phones or external server integration.