Distances for the NetVanta 160 Series and BlueSocket 1800 Series 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless Access Points

Version 5

    The NetVanta 150 Wireless Access Point (WAP), the Netvanta 160 and 161 WAPs, and the BlueSocket 1800 WAP come standard with Omni directional antennas, with the NetVanta 160 and BSAP 1800’s antennas being internal to the housing. The BSAP 1840 has connections for external antennas but is most often used with Omni-directional antennas as well.  This document provides the theoretical range in meters you can achieve using the different wireless standards with these antennas.


    These maximum distances assume that you are in an area with no obstructions in the path of the WAP and the wireless client.  The typical office environment assumes moderate signal penetration of standard inner walls constructed of sheet rock, wood, or other non reflective material. The following distances are given as approximations only as the results will vary greatly depending on the company "environment".






    Radio Type

    Max Distance

    Distance in typical office

    1. 802.11b

    100 meters

    60 meters

    1. 802.11g

    100 meters

    75 meters

    1. 802.11a

    50 meters

    25 meters

    1. 802.11n

    100 meters

    50 meters



    Typically, every environment offers some obstruction. Besides the physical barriers discussed above, walls made of steel or other reflective materials will cause the signal penetration to be significantly reduced.  Anything that operates in the frequency ranges of any of the above standards will also cause loss if operating in the same area. This would include things like cordless phones and microwaves for the 802.11b/g 2.4Ghz radio. Other access points operating in the same range will also cause interference which will reduce signal range. Make sure you understand your environment physically and with regards to RF signal before deploying access points. This would include performing a wireless site survey along with completing RF analysis with a WiFi analyzer.


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