Converting a Adtran 3G NIM card's ESN from Hex to Decimal

Version 3

    ESN HEX to Decimal Conversion

    The ESN on all Adtran NetVanta 3G CDMA NIM products is an 8 digit HEX number that is used by the carrier to properly identify and register that connection.  If the carrier requires this number to be in decimal format, the number must be converted to an 11 digit decimal number.  This document provides the information on how to convert the number properly. (Note: You can use a scientific calculator to convert specific values from HEX to decimal.)


    Example ESN number: 4C4CBDFB


    Step 1:  Convert the first two digits of the number to decimal. If the resulting number is not 3 digits, add a leading zero to the number.


         HEX : 4C = DEC :  76            Append a zero :  076


    Step 2:  Convert the last 6 digits of the number to decimal.  If the resulting number is not 8 digits, add leading zeros until it is.


         HEX : 4CBDFB  = DEC :  5029371            Append a zero :  05029371


    Step 3: Combine the numbers together to make an 11 digit decimal number