Ring Group Call Waiting on the NetVanta 7000 Series

Version 2

    Ring Group Call Waiting on the NetVanta 7000 Series

    Ring Group Call Waiting was added in AOS A4.01.  This added the ability for ring group members to receive subsequent calls to the ring-group while they were already on a call. This is a change in default behavior from versions before A4.   After AOS version A5.01, this setting is enabled by default. It can be changed from the CLI (starting with AOS A4.01) or the GUI (starting with AOS R10.1):

    • From the CLI – Enter configuration mode and enter the following commands:
      • NV7100(config)#voice user xxxx (where xxxx is the user requiring ring-group calls while already on a ring-group call)
      • NV7100(config-XXXX)#group-ring-call-waiting
    • From the GUI – Navigate to Voice> User Accounts> select the user and click Edit > click the Current Settings tab > check the box labeled Ring Group Call Waiting and click the Apply button.


    Ring Group Call Waiting.jpg


    Before AOS version R10.1, this setting must be changed in the CLI.


    NOTE: The setting itself will not be changed by upgrading. If it is disabled for a user in versions prior to R10.1 it will not be enabled after an upgrade to R10.1 or later.