Configuring the ATLAS Video Module for use with a KIV-7

Version 3

    The ATLAS products with the Video Module are “Layer 1” devices used to provide a WAN link for video codec systems along with the KIV-7 or other secure/encrypted systems. This is the recommended configuration for the ATLAS Video Module:


    System Config

              Primary Timing Source = T1/PRI     Slt:0  Port:1 Sys Ctrl  (This should be the port with PRI connection to the Telephone company)






                              Name = Video Port (can be changed to indicate the end equipment if desired)                   

                              Clock +/- = Normal    

                              Data = Normal    

                              CTS = Follow DCD

                              DCD = Normal

                              DSR = Normal

                              DTR = Ignore DTR Ans




                              TXINIT Timer (sec)                       20

                              TXFA Timer (sec)                        20

                              TXADD01 Timer (sec)                  100

                              TXDEQ Timer (sec)                     100

                              TANULL Timer (sec)                    20

                              TCID Timer (sec)                         10

                              Call Stagger                                500 ms        


    Dial Plan

              Network Term

                  Slot/Service = 0)Sys Cntrl (Slot holding the module that is connecting to the telephone company PRI)

                  Port/PEP = 1) T1/PRI (Port connecting to the telephone company PRI)

                  Signaling = PRI    

                  Out#Accept = $  (wild card allowing any number, any length of digits to be dialed)

                  Out#Reject = [+] (should be empty)

                  Ifce Config = [+]  (this will have the PRI configuration including the PRI switch type and channels to be used)


              User Term

                  Slot/Service = 1) VIDEO (this is the slot where the video module is installed)

                  Port/PEP = 1) VIDEO  (this is the port on the video module the Codec is connected to)

                  Sig = (this will be blank because there is no signaling selection for the video module)

                  In#Accept = [555-1111] (this should be the phone number for your location)

                  To the right of the "Accept Number" there will be a column that says "Treat Call As"

                  Set this for “PRI Video” if only 1 number is used in the bonding negotiation.

                  Out#Reject = [+] (typically left empty)

                  Ifce Config

                  Dialing Method = RS-366

                  RS-366 Type = Type III

                  Dial After = 20 sec or EON

                  Default Call Type = 64k

                  Default Dial Call As = Digital

                  Source ID = 0

                  Default Min DS0's = 2

                  Default Max DS0's = 6

                  Min Incoming DS0's = 2

                  Max Incoming DS0's = 6


    *This would be the setup to allow a 384kbps call.