Netvanta Switch Fiber Connection failing to come up when connected to a Non-ADTRAN Switch

Version 2


    Fiber connections are, in some cases, more sensitive than ethernet to negotiation because of the combination of many different Switch, SFP, and Fiber vendors. When you have trouble getting a Fiber connection between an ADTRAN unit and a non-ADTRAN unit to come up, try the following steps.


    1. Make sure that the receive end and the transmit ends are in the proper sides of the SFP.

    2. Try hard-setting both sides of the connection to the speed you desire the link to come up at.

    • For Example: 1G connection
      • (config-giga-swx-0/1)#speed 1000

    3. If this is not successful, try hard-setting the speed with this command at the end:

      • (config-giga-swx-0/1)#speed 1000 nonegotitate
      • Note: This command completely disables negotiation on the port and attempts to force it up. Normally hard-setting a link would still require an Auto-negotiation bit to be sent and received by both sides for that particular speed and duplex.  This command is not applicable to 100M connections (1G and up only).

    This is a common requirement between ADTRAN switches and Cisco, Nortel, and Dell PowerConnect.