Authentication Server Timeout Weight Variable for Bluesocket vWLAN 2.2 and Later

Version 5

    The timeout weight for each server is relative to the total timeout weight of all other authentication servers in the domain (the sum of timeout weights). Each server’s timeout is computed as a percentage of the total weight of all authentication servers in the domain.  For example:  say you have 3 authentication servers; the first with a weight of 10, the second with a weight of 10, and the third with a weight of 20.  The total timeout weight for this domain now becomes 40 (10+10+20). 

    Timeout Weight.png

    In order to figure out how many seconds each server will be tried before timing out, you will need to divide the timeout weight of the individual server by the total timeout weight, then multiply the quotient by the configurable “Timeout Value for Web Server” (Configuration > System > Settings > Platform > Timeout Value for Web Server). 

    timeout Value.png

    For example: If the user is trying to use the third authentication server (timeout weight of 20), you would take the authentication server weight (20) divided by total weight (40) and would end up with the quotient of ½.  Next, you would multiply the quotient (½) by the “timeout value for web server” (10 by default) and would end up with the new product of 5 seconds.  The chart below demonstrates the breakdown for the examples used above:


    Timeout Value for Web Sever: 10 seconds


    Timeout Weight

    Seconds before Timing Out

    Authentication Server 1


    2.5 Seconds

    Authentication Server 2


    2.5 Seconds

    Authentication Server 3


    5    Seconds



    10  Seconds