Powering the BSAP 1940 and 2135 Installed Outdoors

Version 5


    The BSAP 1940 and 2135 require 802.3at PoE+. The BSAP will not function using 802.3af PoE. The following diagram illustrates examples on how to provide power to the BSAP 1940 or 2135 installed outdoors. Three examples are provided:


    1. PoE switch providing power in conjunction with NetVanta PoE Protector/Injector (1702595F15) installed indoors
    2. Non-PoE switch in conjunction with NetVanta PoE Protector/Injector (1702595F15) and optional AC Power Adapter (1700501F1) providing power installed indoors
    3. 3rd party outdoor rated 803.3at PoE injector (PowerDsine PD-9001GO) or equivalent with GR-1089-Core Criteria B Surge Protection installed outdoors with mesh


    In all cases the BSAP 1940 or 2135 should be connected to an Earth Ground. In all cases Ethernet cable ran outside should be outdoor shielded Ethernet cable. In all cases three to five inch drip loops should be formed on any outdoor cable where water running along the cable could enter the BSAP 1940 or 2135, the 802.3at PoE injector, or the building. If the orientation of the cable is such that water cannot possibly enter, then drip loops are not necessary.


    Consult a certified electrician to ensure that all grounding and cabling is installed in compliance with local electrical code.