BlueSocket vWLAN Release 3.0.0 Information

Version 6

    Note: This is depricated. BlueSocket vWLAN version 3.0.1 has been released. All vWLANs and APs on version 3.0 should upgrade to this version.

    3.0.1 Image

    vWLAN Version 3.0.1 Release Notes


    Important Note if you use Windows Server 2008 for DHCP


    There is no benefit to running vWLAN version 3.0.0 if you do not have BSAP 3040s.


    The BlueSocket vWLAN 3.0.0 is a special release for the BSAP 3040. The BSAP 3040 AP has been released as an addition to version 2.9.0.HA. In doing so, vWLAN 2.9.0.HA has been edited to include the ability to support the BSAP 3040 and been re-labeled 3.0.0. When using a BSAP 3040, you will use version 3.0.0 firmware on the 3040 and version 3.0.0 on vWLAN. However, all other APs will need to be running version 2.9.0.HA which is compatible on 3.0.0. The firmware can be found below


    Note: A Hotfix version of the 3040, 3.0.0-HA has been released. Please use this version for all BSAP 3040s. You can still use vWLAN version 3.0.0 with this.


    BSAP 3040 3.0.0-HA Image

    vWLAN 3.0.0 Image File (For Upgrades)

    vWLAN 3.0.0-P1 patch

    vWLAN 3.0.0 OVA File


    Reading the release notes for the caveats around this release is highly recommend. The release notes are found here: BSAP and vWLAN 3.0.0 Release Notes - For Use only with the BSAP 3040 and BSAP 3040 3.0.0.HA Release Notes