DDS Extension with Total Reach, Beyond 50Kft

Version 1

    Using the following Total Reach Modules (T/R), the DDS circuit can reach 65+Kft.


    From the CO using P/N 1410105L-2 for Nortel DE4 or P/N 1430105L-2 D448 Alcatel.

    • Use a pair of good copper (2-Wire) to OSP 50Kft and place a T/R Remote P/N 1292023L-5 T/R Remote with OCU



    From the Remote with OCU use 2 pairs good copper (4-Wire) Another 18 Kft.

    • Standard DDS to RJ-48 Data Jack wired for DATA Pins 1&2 and 7&8 at the DEMARC to user’s DDS Modem.


    • The T/R Remote P/N 1292023L-5 T/R Remote with OCU can be terminated in an OSP enclosure. P/N 1150087L-1 and use a 4-wire Standard DDS to the DEMARC.


    The T-400 OSP enclosure can be mounted on a pole or in a cross box




    T/R 1410105L-2-------2wire-------T/R 1292023L-5-----4Wire------RJ48 wired for DATA DEMARC


    Total footage 65+Kft.