Q&A - Can I send debugs to a Syslog Server?

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    How do you send debug output to a Syslog Server from an AOS device?



    The ability for AOS devices to send debug output to a Syslog Server was added in AOS release R13.2.0.

    You will need a Syslog Server that the AOS device can reach via IP.

    This must be configured in the command line interface (CLI) in the global configuration mode (config terminal).


    To configure this, you must:

    1) turn logging forwarding on

    2) set the facility (you can choose between local0 through local7)

    3) configure the priority level to debug

    3) define the Syslog Server as the "receiver-ip"

    4) configure the debugs to be forwarded to the Syslog Server


    As an example, if you want to capture the following debugs to a Syslog Server at

      debug sip stack messages

      debug voice verbose

      debug isdn l2-formatted


    You can use the following global configuration commands:

      logging forwarding on

      logging facility local0

      logging forwarding priority-level debug

      logging forwarding receiver-ip

      logging forwarding debug sip stack messages

      logging forwarding debug voice verbose

      logging forwarding debug isdn l2-formatted