MX2800 Rack Mounting recommendation

Version 1


    MX2800 Relay Rack Mounting recommendation?



    The MX2800 M13 Multiplexer User Manual P/N 61200290L1-H1 Section 2 Installation and Operation.



    Two MX2800s can be stacked without any spacing between the units. ADTRAN recommends 1U (1.75) of separation above and below the two stacked units. This spacing allows the units to dissipate heat. The design of the MX2800 uses the chassis to distribute heat generated by the unit’s internal cards. This design allows the units to operate without a cooling fan, thus increasing overall reliability of the units.


    ADTRAN continues to support the recommendation, while at the same time recognizing additional information and clarification is needed in the current deployment environment listed below.  The 28 position breakout panel P/N 1200291Lx, Ex, or Gx shouldn’t be mounted directly above/below MX2800 Multiplexer without maintaining the 1U (1.75) spacing for heat dissipation.


    If the 1U (1.75) spacing is impractical/unavailable ADTRAN recommends deploying the MX2800 with the Faceplate Fan Assembly P/N 1200466Lx and Gx for additional cooling.