MX408e Factory Default UDP Port Behavior

Version 1


    During a recent power outage/power restoral event at a customer premise the MX408e, PWE T1s did not restore! Upon further inspection I noticed the UDP Port Assignments went back to their factory defaults even though I performed a “write memory” to save previous changes. Why did this happen?



    The MX408e’s Factory Default UDP Port Assignments 50000 through 50007 revert back to Factory Default condition if the unit experiences a loss of power or a re-boot. To avoid this operational behavior simply change the UDP Port Assignment to anything other than the default.


    Example: 51000 through 51007 or 65000 through 65007 the latter of which is used by other ADTRAN PWE T1 products TA5000, Netvanta, and OPTI-6100 CEM.


    Remember to perform the “write memory” command to save the configuration!