MX2800 Craft Port Cable Options

Version 1


    I do not have a Craft Port communication cable.  What are my options?




    When the IP address is known:

    Option 1 - Use an Ethernet straight cable, connect the cable from your laptop or PC to the Ethernet LAN port located on the rear of the MX2800.


    When the IP address is unknown:

    Option 2 - order a Craft Port cable; ADTRAN part number 1200293L5, RJ45-DB9 ADPTR/RJ45 CBL


    Option 3 - build a Craft Port cable.  The craft port is an 8-pin modular jack.  The connection to the computer depends upon what the computer supports. 

          • Older computers have a serial DB9 interface.  This will require an adapter with a DB9 female connector and an RJ45 female connector.
          • Newer computers have a USB port.  This will require a USB to RJ45 female adapter. 


    When building a cable, use a straight-through cable with an RJ45 connector on each end.  Keep the length to 20 FT. or less.  See Appendix “B” of the MX-2800 User Manual for wiring pin outs.


    Connect the cable to  the adapter RJ45 female plug and the 8-pin modular jack on the  front of the MX2800.