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Allow Standby SSID -AND- AP control channel timeout

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We're enjoying the enhancement in 2.5 that allows flexible AP control channel timeout per domain.  This provides a way to survive brief interruptions without having to reboot the AP right away, and really smooths out the experience.  But this comes at the expense of the Standby SSID (as of you cannot set AP control channel timeout if a Standby SSID exists).


It would be really nice to have the AP control channel timeout to cover short interruptions while also providing the standby SSID in cases of an extended Internet outage at a given site.  I envision an enhancement which removes the current restriction.  An AP control channel timeout value will keep you working for a few minutes (or a couple of hours).  Upon reaching the timeout, APs will reboot and begin to broadcast the Standby SSID until the control channel is reestablished.


Sort of akin to the use of UPS batteries and a generator.  What do you think?




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