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IP Phone Name Change

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Currently, after changing the name on an IP706 phone, to get that name change recognized by all of the other phones, tech support sent me the following instructions to get this to work:


Under the Global Directory tab of the IP Phone Globals Page, uncheck and the recheck Include System Phone Directory. Click Save Global Directory.  This will update the phone book file in CLFASH.  If this is a Polycom IP phone, you will also need to use the Update Directory action from the IP Phone Configs page of the GUI. You will then need to reboot all of the phones to get the updated directory.



This method doesn't always work consistently and has to sometimes be done multiple times to get the name change to work. Can a change be made to the NV7060 so when a name change is made on a phone, there is a consistent method created so that the name change will be recognized by all of the phones the first time?


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