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LLDP support

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LLDP support for discovering access points and telling LLDP capable switches TLV info, also should avoid a power issue problem on some 802.3at switches with BSAP 3040s.


If you do not manually configure the cutoff-power value, the switch automatically determines it by using CDP power negotiation or the device IEEE classification and LLDP power negotiation. If CDP or LLDP are not enabled, the default value of 30 W is applied. However without CDP or LLDP, the switch does not allow devices to consume more than 15.4 W of power because values from 15400 to 30000 mW are only allocated based on CDP or LLDP requests. If a powered device consumes more than 15.4 W without CDP or LLDP negotiation, the device might be in violation of the maximum current (Imax) limitation and might experience anIcut fault for drawing more current than the maximum. The port remains in the fault state for a time before attempting to power on again. If the port continuously draws more than 15.4 W, the cycle repeats.


from Catalyst 2960-X Switch Interface and Hardware Component Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2)EX - Configuring …


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