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Widget and/or logging for Access point resource usage (memory, cpu etc)

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At times I hear complaints from folks in a particular building location and when I look at vWLAN management, the APs serving those areas look fine.  When I reboot them, the reported problems all go away so it's likely that the AP state was unhealthy.


It would be nice to get more insight into what the "system status" is of a given AP by having it report it's CPU and memory usage back to the vWLAN.  You could have a widget and generate an email (and log entries) for this info just like you do for the controller itself.  I have APs that randomly reboot with just a "disconnected"  and then a "connected"  log message.  If I had a way of knowing that the AP was low on resources, I could deal with that before the thing rebooted itself at a bad moment. 


Generally, I would like the APs to use the message area (on status page) more when certain thresholds aren't being met and they may be in trouble.


Thank you


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