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show 802.11A CAPABLE clients that are connected via 802.11G

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We are currently employing band steering which has effectively moved many clients from G to A connections.  However, it might be nice to see those clients that are capable of being steered but that are NOT being steered.  Also, with the dedicated sensor on the 3040 APs, it would be nice to use this in order to collect HISTORICAL RF data from the perspective of being a wifi client so that if you got a report of wifi issues occurring in an area at some point in the past, you could go to the historical data and pin point things like a slow speed client , a mobile hot spot, some sort of x channel interference, non 802.11 RF noise etc - in that area at that point of time.  Most of the time, we are not able to "come running" to an area where there is a current problem occurring so this would give us something after the fact.  Perhaps based on the data collected, you could also provide best practice remedies / tweeks that could be made .


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