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    Routing Multiple FXS ports to Respective SIP Trunks

    netcastmin New Member

      Here is the basic setup:


      We have a cloud PBX, and do SIP Trunking.

      We are installing in a condo complex, putting a 908 in each building to handle the 8 condo units in the building. Each unit is a separate SIP Trunk on the PBX.

      On the Adtran 908, I have (8) different SIP trunks configured. They are all configured T01-T08.

      Each FXS port is assigned to a user - the user in this case being a 10 digit TN. Each FXS port is set to register its respective Trunk (i.e. FXS0/1 registers T01, and so on)

      All the SIP Trunks register.


      My issue is this:

      When I call out from any ports, they always seem to go out T01, instead of there respective trunks. How can this be solved? I have tried several ways, and not had any luck.


      Thank you for any help you may be able to provide