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    ip firewall Problem

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      Hi there,

      I'm completely new to the Adtran/total Access system, that was just installed by our new provider.  Anyway, when they setup the system, they did it in such a way as to prevent ssh access.  When I go in with a serial and I disable the firewall I am suddenly able to get in.  Here is what I'm curious about, is there a simple entry I can put in, to enable ssh?  Something like accept tcp any any eq ssh, can I just append it to their current configuration/acl, or would I have to literally re-enter the whole configuration.


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          flyingbull New Member

          Ok, I figured it out, turns out they put an IP policy class, that had a list of ACL's that could access from the WAN, once I got that figured out, I was able to create my own ACL added it to the ip class, viola I'm able to access the router via SSH from my off site office.