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    Automatically email only when 1 T1 goes down.

    touristsis Visitor

      Hi,  I have quite a bit of customer that have two T1 for redundancy.  Does anyone have a guide to program only when T1 goes up or down.  I've tried to use email logging with event history error set to 1, but it is sending out too many emails.  I just want it to send out email if T1 goes up and T1 goes down.

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          vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

          I would configure a track to monitor the interface.  You can't monitor a t1 interface directly with tracks, but you can monitor the routable interface that is connected to it (ppp, hdlc, frame-relay, etc.).


          Example of  track testing ppp 1:


          track wan1

          test if interface ppp 1 line-protocol

          no shutdown


          Example of the mail client:

          mail-client wan1.fail

            address to <recipient@address>

            address from <from@address>

            server <your smtp relay address>

            subject WAN interface monitoring event

            capture commands

              do show interface t1 0/1

              do show interface  ppp 1


            capture trigger track wan1

            send trigger track wan1 fail

            no shutdown


          This will email you whenever the ppp 1 interface goes down.

          Im not sure if you have to create another mail-client and send trigger track wan1 pass to report on the interface going back up, or if you can issue a second send trigger within the same client, but this works.