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    SIP Phone to SIP Trunk

    mchantha New Member

      I am trying to setup a TA900e for the first time. I am able to get calls to route through a SIP trunk when using the analog interfaces.


      I have setup SIP user accounts and am able to register to the TA900e sucessfull. The TA900e is behind a firewall with a LAN IP. When placing calls using the SIP account, I only get one way audio, and it appears to a nat traversal issue.


      How do I configure the TA900e behind a firewall NAT to process SIP Client to SIP Trunk? The Media-Gateway address type is set to default.





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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Ideally, move the WAN interface of the TA900e to a public IP in front of the firewall.


          Is the issue with the analog interfaces on the TA900e or with a SIP phone behind it?


          Does the firewall have the capability of doing SIP NAT fixup?


          Does the SIP server have the ability to detect whether SIP clients are behind a NAT?

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              mchantha New Member

              Unfortunately all our devices will be behind a corporate firewall which we do not control. Our SIP Trunk cannot detect whether clients are behind a NAT.


              I found this on the web? Not sure if its what I need.




              TA900e(config)# ip firewall

              TA900e(config)# ip access-list standard PUBLIC

              TA900e(config-std-nacl)# permit any

              TA900e(config-std-nacl)# exit

              TA900e(config)# ip policy-class PRIVATE

              TA900e(config-policy-class)# nat source list PUBLIC address overload

              TA900e(config-policy-class)# exit

              TA900e(config)# interface eth 0/1

              TA900e(config-eth 0/1)# access-policy PRIVATE

              TA900e(config-eth 0/1)# exit

              TA900e(config)# write mem

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                  geo Employee



                  You may have a difficult time setting this up without knowledge of the firewall in front of the ADTRAN.  As Jay mentioned, it is best practice to have the ADTRAN in front of the firewall.  If the firewall is in front of the ADTRAN, it must be SIP aware and able to NAT the layer 3 information as well as the SIP information inside the layer 3 packet.  The corp firewall is the first place I would look.  I do not think that setting up the NAT on the ADTRAN will help much if the ADTRAN is not on the edge of the network.




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                geo Employee

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