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    Noob needs help with port forwarding & translation

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      New to AOS and routing generally, and need a little help.  On our old router we had defined a port translation map to match a set of arbitrary external ports to port 3389 on specific internal desktops.  I.e. we want the Remote Desktop user, from any IP address, to specify their port which the router directs to port 3389 on their office desktop.  In this way, :3389 is inaccessible from the WAN, which we want.


      We want to do the same thing with our new NetVanta 3430 but I'm unable to figure this out.  I used the Firewall Wizard to set up a basic Port Forward which works.  But when I try to define an ACP/ACL to point the router to a specific private host using an arbitrary port, it does not work.


      I have attached screenshots (in .XPS) of my ACP/ACLs.  "PF1" works while "rdp50" does not.  I have seen the article on setting up RDP to an arbitrary port on the desktop, but we want to do the reverse -- access the standard port on the inside using an arbitrary port from the outside.


      If someone could be kind enough to offer me a clue as to what I am missing it would be very helpful.


      Thanks in advance -