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    Two VPN tunnels to one peer, two vlans

    kb9mfd New Member

      I have two 3448's in two offices. Site A has two internet connections and Site B has one. Both locations have two vlans, one (100) for computers and one (110) for voice. Right now I have a established VPN for the voice over internet connection A at site A to the internet connection at site B. VLan 100 uses internet connection B and VLan 110 uses internet connection A at the main site. The VPN for the voice is over Internet connection A, I need to establish a VPN for VLan 100 over internet connection B to the remote site (For bandwidth reasons). It will not let me create another VPN because the peer is at the same address as the existing tunnel. (I can create both tunnels at site B because the peers end up at different WAN addresses) Is there a way around this? Also I would like to setup a redundant VPN so if internet connection A goes down, the voice vlan (110) and VPN can fail over to internet B, would that be possible? Thanks! - Jeremy