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    routing to secondary ip from internal netwwork

    jessepdx New Member

      i have a secondary ip on my wan with for a web server. i have ports 80 and 443 setup with ACL's and in the Public nat destination list


      when i try to connect to the public IP of the web server from the Private network, the router connects me to the admin page of the netvanta rather then the web server's websites.


      it works fine from outside of my network(the internet). i do need it to respond correctly from inside of my network for testing sites


      i'm guessing i need to change the Private policy class, but i'm unsure what to do


      ip policy-class Private

        allow list self self

        nat source list wizard-ics interface eth 0/1 overload

        allow list web-acl-22


      ip policy-class Public

      nat destination list mail1 address


      ip access-list extended mail1

        permit tcp any  host eq www   log

        permit tcp any  host eq https   log