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    Existence of a Line Powered DC/AC Adapter - Adsl2+ DELT/SELT Testing

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      I wanted to ask the community if anyone knew of either:

      • an adapter that could convert the power from the pairs of an Adtran LPU into something usable for a small AC powered device, or
      • a line powered ADSL2+ modem with DELT/SELT capability.


      We have a couple sites that use a TA1448A-DMT aggregator with eight bonded ADSL2+ Pairs to a TA1148V-DMT DSLAM. In our turn up of these units, we had problems qualifying the pairs for DSL traffic. Counterintuitive to the industry, we do not have ADSL/2/+ testers to qualify or troubleshoot the pairs. (I've pressed the issue, so I'm looking for other answers here than to 'get a test set'.) My thoughts were to take a regular DELT/SELT capable modem, utilize the power from an available LPU and copper pairs at the TA1148V-DMT's location to get a baseline, or troubleshoot the environment with the DELT test capabilities of the TA1448A.


      We spoke with one of Adtran's scientists and engineers while turning up out latest TA1448A-DMT/TA1148-DMT pair, and they said DELT testing over the bonded pairs from the 1448 to the 1148V-DMT is useless, since either side will try to be a part of the bonding group, and not  train up to a DELT test. There is no commercial AC at the TA1148V-DMT's location, so other than stringing out inside wire from the TA1148V-DMT to a nearby car with an DC/AC inverter, theres no way to power up a DSL modem for DELT testing.


      While the AC inverter scenario works, I have to use the hotspot capability on my work phone and a laptop to VPN into our network and log into the TA1448A-DMT to begin a DELT test: This is entirely possible, but my company looks down upon cars that idle for extended periods of time (we have AVL transponders installed in our fleet), and looks to reduce cell phone data usage as well.


      Any thoughts or references would be appreciated.