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    NV3430 Web Interface problem

    ahmed.maher New Member

      After upgrading the NV3430 to the latest firmware version R11.9.0 I am not able to configure SHDSL interface as when I go to Physical Interfaces > shdsl 1/1 I get "503: server error" I also get this message when logged through the console "OPERATING_SYSTEM.EXCEPTION New HTTP error reports detected."


      show ver

      ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R11.9.0

      Mainline Version: ENM.15.130

      P4Changelist: 221342

      Checksum: B82E061C

      Built on: Tue Sep 29 15:36:10 2015

      Boot ROM version 13.03.00.SB

      Checksum: 70C3

      Built on: Fri Nov 10 08:04:44 2006

      Compatibility Version: 0

      Copyright (c) 1999-2015, ADTRAN, Inc.

      Platform: NetVanta 3430, part number 1200820E1

      Serial number LBADTN0738AC459

      Flash: 33554432 bytes DRAM: 134217727 bytes